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  • people that come to cafe.

  • They're not definitely supporting cafe there supporting the whole communities in simply my name is speculate.

  • Has been working with Footprint Cafe Almost four years.

  • Yeah, in simply which is located in Cambodia.

  • Our people we are friendly.

  • Ah, lot of people know about the temples called Uncle What?

  • In 2012, I went to Cambodia for the first time.

  • It was fairly obvious that despite a thriving tourist market, it wasn't really working for a lot of people in Samri, people want to travel and see amazing places and leave a positive footprint on the places that they go s.

  • So that's really where the ideas for the footprint cafes came came from.

  • A soon as you come in, you can expect a warm welcome.

  • Warm smiles.

  • We're serving some low call food and some western vegetarian and we can really good coffee places itself has lots of books.

  • So if you're a bibliophile, you will love it.

  • And then upstairs you've got very big open space, a co working space.

  • We give the space for free or heavily discounted for other social enterprises in the area.

  • Our principles of footprints are three piece people Planet profit people that's looking after our teams.

  • Our first Arista's set.

  • We sponsored him for the National Cambodian Barista Championship.

  • He got to the semi final.

  • He left foot print shortly afterwards to join Starbucks.

  • Her the following year.

  • He wanted the set, came back to do our first ever workshop, and he needed it on coffee and the coffee roasting industry and how you made it.

  • And he's now actually set up his second cafe, just down the road from us on planets.

  • They care about environment they tried to be.

  • Try to be using less plastic.

  • Decide.

  • Call us we can our coffee ground we are keeping for the farming.

  • Keep that for composed and then finally, profits 100% of our profits go back to the local community for grants.

  • And where those grants go, that's decided by the local T.

  • So it's the team that makes the money on it, live there and have grown up in the area that decide where that money will be put to best use on.

  • We have, like another project co working space for the Coworking space.

  • We've dedicated 50% of its two other social enterprises either free or discounted.

  • There is no lack of talent or ambition in Siem Reap in Cambodia.

  • Indeed, anywhere but there's often a lack of resources.

  • So with models like this for social enterprises like this, it's about putting those resources back into the hands of the people in the local communities that need them.

  • Onda allowing their talents and their ambition to flourish.

  • Yeah, not definitely the cafe via Social Enterprise Cafe people or customer that come to footprint.

  • They come to support us.

  • They're not definitely supporting cafe there, supporting the whole communities in Siem Reap.

people that come to cafe.

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