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  • I'm looking at the whole group here.

  • Does anyone want to say this morning?

  • Aaron Rodgers has taken the lead in the M V P race.

  • Oh, for sure.

  • I welcome my hand.

  • Get in there, go for any I've felt for a couple weeks.

  • Now that it's been Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers is just kind of in lockstep, right?

  • Like one by one, I felt like Aaron Rodgers has been performing equally, if not better, with a little bit less to work with than Patrick Mahomes does.

  • But the day that Mahomes does, yes has yesterday and then Aaron has his afternoon.

  • He's got to be the leader right now.

  • I mean, he's got a better Q b r.

  • He's got more touchdown passes.

  • He's got a better touchdown to interception ratio.

  • His team is winning.

  • He's doing everything he wants with the football whenever he wants.

  • And so that combination of him and Davante Adams has been absolutely unstoppable.

  • I'm sitting here saying today, Aaron Rodgers is the leader for the M V P race in the NFL.

  • Okay.

  • Perhaps more importantly, though, Ryan Clark, the Packers are the leader as we speak in the NFC standings are they, in your opinion, the team to beat in the NFC?

  • No, they aren't.

  • No.

  • They're a lot closer to that team this year than they were last year because of the way the Aaron Rodgers is playing.

  • But I still don't believe in this defense.

  • I still don't believe when you play against teams like the Los Angeles Rams or the New Orleans Saints.

  • Once they get Drew Brees back, who will have running backs that they're comfortable giving the ball with two that will have game plans to understand.

  • We're going to try to exploit things that the Green Bay Packers don't do well.

  • I think they'll have tough times against those teams in meaningful football games late in January.

  • But when you look at this Packers team, when you think about the way that Aaron Rodgers is playing the synergy with Davante Adams, obviously Erin Jones and Jamal Williams in the backfield there different offensively, I think they're better prepared to compete in some of those high scoring games.

  • But I still have to see this defense doom or I still want to see this defense dominate at some point and obviously when you have an offense like this that can make those plays.

  • You don't have to be a shutout defense, but you have to make plays in critical moments.

  • And I have yet to see that from the front of this team against good competition.

  • Quickly.

  • Rex, What do you see?

  • How do they have enough defense?

  • Yeah, look like I know where Ryan's coming from on this, but I think, and I've seen this team getting better and better defensively.

  • It's not by huge strides, but they are making strides and and look.

  • Do I see things through rose colored glasses?

  • Probably because I got two of my boys out there coaching, so it's but you know what I do.

  • But these are my guys, like, you know, Mike, Mike and Mike Smith.

  • Absolutely.

  • But I do see him getting better, and here's what's scary when they get ahead of you.

  • They do have the athletes in the back end and the pass rushers up front to close out games, and I think that's what's gonna happen.

  • I think they're the best team in the NFC.

  • There was a stretch of the season where they were just getting run on to the tune of enormous numbers that that hasn't really been the case.

  • Go ahead, Dan.

  • Yeah, I think that the Packers are the only team in the NFC that has two things.

  • One.

  • They have a coach that schemes up guys to get open like toe within the NFL.

  • To win a Super Bowl, you've gotta have that.

  • You've gotta have the scheme and the coach that schemes guys open.

  • That gets easy throws for your quarterback.

  • Matt LaFleur does that on a consistent basis, and then they also have a quarterback that makes those once in one guy on the planet type of throws.

  • They've got to make those 5 to 4 to five jaw dropping throws a game.

  • Aaron Rodgers has that, and so you're looking at.

  • They're the only team in the NFC that has that codes that could do that.

  • But then they also the quarterback that, like when guys are covered, it doesn't matter because he could just make those perfect throws.

  • They're the only team in that conference that could do that.

  • The Chiefs and the Bills are the only team in the NFL that can match that as well, so they're one of three teams in the league that has that combination, but they're the only team in the NFC.

  • That's why I think they're they're different, like 2020.

  • I think that's different in the NFL with football.

  • I'm just looking at the other teams in the conference that they may wind up having to face.

  • If everything comes through Lambeau Field, that is gonna be a tough task for anybody to knock off.

  • Aaron Rodgers.

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I'm looking at the whole group here.

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