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  • you may already know that there are many important parts inside a computer, but what exactly do they dio?

  • Let's take a look inside and learn about the various components that make a computer work, whether it's a desktop computer or a laptop.

  • Every computer has a large circuit board called a mother board.

  • This contains some of the most important parts of the computer, such as the CPU.

  • Also known as the central processing unit, or processor.

  • The CPU could be considered the brain of the computer because it processes information and carries out commands.

  • Since it tends to get hot.

  • It's covered by a piece of metal called a heat sink, which draws heat away from the processor.

  • The mother board also contains the computers RAM or random access memory.

  • This is the short term memory that the computer uses whenever it's performing calculations.

  • However, you cannot store your files there because the ram is cleared when you shut off the computer.

  • The hard drive provides long term storage, keeping all of the computers data even when it's turned off.

  • Many hard drives use a magnetic platter to store data, but many newer computers have solid state drives which are faster and more durable but also more expensive on many desktop computers.

  • The mother board has expansion slots that allow you to upgrade by adding expansion cards.

  • You can add a video card to get better graphics performance.

  • Or you can add a wireless card to connect to your wireless home network.

  • Most laptops, however, don't have expansion slots.

  • Of course, the computers components need electricity to run.

  • The power supply unit is designed to take power from the wall outlet and send it to all of the different components that need power.

  • Laptops also contain a built in battery that lets you use them anywhere.

  • Ah, computer is a pretty complex machine, but now that you've seen what goes on inside, it should be a little less mysterious.

  • G c f global creating opportunities for a better life.

you may already know that there are many important parts inside a computer, but what exactly do they dio?

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Computer Basics: Inside a Computer

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/15
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