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  • The first time I encountered in front of me, I was in gymnastics class and seven years old.

  • I I'm an a k Wow, I'm an A k two.

  • Yeah, you're right.

  • You are a second place freeze frame on my chubby cheeked fat face.

  • I had no idea what had just happened to me.

  • Not only had the other An a k singlehandedly backhanded me in the face with her words, but she also somehow cemented herself as the Alfa in our newly formed fragile friendship, essentially making her my very first friend of May.

  • And for the next 23 years, I have traversed across the world, immersed in different cultures and countries.

  • I have encountered various kinds of frenemies and they always boil down to four distinct types.

  • One, the controlling front of me.

  • This person gets mad when you make plans that don't include them dictates what you both should do without taking your opinion into account and overall tries to be the boss.

  • You know, you're dealing with one because you will feel exhausted from constantly being controlled.

  • The best way to flip this front of me into a friend is to speak up and don't back down about your own needs.

  • To the jealous friend.

  • Me, this person cannot celebrate your success without tearing you down.

  • There's always conflict between you.

  • If you're the one who's succeeding in any aspect of your life, and they often come with passive aggression and negativity with them, you feel insecure and like yourself, worth a slowly tanking.

  • So the best way to flip this friendship is to call them out on their behavior and draw Boundary.

  • Three.

  • The competitive front of me.

  • This one is pretty self explanatory.

  • I thought you any young man, Osama.

  • Kalinda.

  • What about Espanola?

  • Vanessa, English.

  • The fix for this type of front of me is to completely take yourself out of the game.

  • You'll never win, so why try?

  • And finally, the I need something, and that's what you're hearing from in front of me.

  • You only hear from this person when they want something from you, whether it's to dump their latest emotional baggage, borrow a possession that they need or use you for a professional or personal relationship.

  • My personal advice with these kind of frenemies is if, after an honest conversation about the unrequited friendship they don't value your relationship enoughto actually nurture it during the times when they don't need something.

  • Let them go because friendship is a two way street.

  • And remember, I do want to point out sometimes you could be these frenemies.

  • I have definitely been all of them before.

  • So examine the way that you react in your friendships and ask yourself, Am I controlling jealous, competitive or only talking to people when I want something from them?

  • If so, self awareness is the first step to change.

  • Don't be like an okay.

  • It's the other one, Not me.

  • I'm great anyway.

  • I'm Anaconda, and though you could be held back by your friends, you don't have to let your credit hold you back.

  • That's right.

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thank you to experience for sponsoring today's video.

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