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  • We discussed the Russell Westbrook for John Wall Trade earlier in the show.

  • But what does it mean for James Harden?

  • Woes reported that Harden wants a trade to the Nets, but also that the Rockets don't see that happening now.

  • On Tuesday, Kevin Durant was asked if he had talked to Harden about it.

  • Here's what he said.

  • I don't know where you're making these stories up.

  • That being talked about many of this sort of work out like I don't know where that came from and James is a friend of mine, but I let the front office handle all of that stuff.

  • I was just so focused on working out.

  • I heard all the noise and I heard that.

  • You know, James potentially wanted to come to the Manus, but anybody could make up stories.

  • Anybody can write a story and and taking against subtraction.

  • So you know, nothing's ever said Stone Toe, said Stone.

  • So I never thought too much about it.

  • Is focused on myself for my teammates.

  • Probably did the same thing, you know, just move forward.

  • Richard Producer Steve didn't put that in B s a real talk segment, but I don't know do you?

  • Do you believe him?

  • And what do you think that rush trade means for hardens future?

  • No, I believe Kevin Durant because I know this.

  • And it was.

  • That's why I was a little surprising that, uh, you know, Kim and Kyrie teamed up in New York eyes because the media has a tendency thio bite onto something and really run with it.

  • Um, he's right.

  • He lets the front office do what?

  • What, what?

  • What he does And that Kevin Durant that I heard right there is the same Kevin Durant that we heard towards the end of his time in Golden State, where he doesn't want to answer questions about other players.

  • He doesn't want to answer questions about trades or free agency.

  • He wants to get back to playing basketball, So I 100% believe him in that moment.

  • As far as faras the James Harden situation goes, I what I see.

  • And we're gonna talk about Yanis What I see from James Is that okay?

  • It's great.

  • I've scored a lot of points.

  • I've made my mark.

  • I've won my M v p.

  • I wanna win a championship Now all of that scoring and all of that stuff is secondary.

  • Well, Rachel, I have no comment on Katie.

  • All I'm gonna do is this.

  • I have no comment, whether I believe him or not.

  • That's gonna leave it up in the air.

  • But I will say this about James Harden situation with Rockets.

  • The Rockets are not about to give him up right now.

  • And they they're going to try to hold this thing out.

  • And from what I'm hearing is they're going to try to have a trial run for, like, the first half of the season, or maybe the 1st 25 games to see how it goes.

  • Now what you should be looking for is looking at what the Philadelphia 76 is air doing 25 games in and then look at what the Rockets they're doing 25 games in.

  • If it's not working well with James Harden and John Wall, I expect down boarding to be aggressive in pursuing James Harden.

  • Trust me this way real quick.

  • No, no.

  • So, like, let's say again, Philly would most likely want to would want to not give up.

  • You know, Joe and Peter, let's say because then you would think John Wall and Ben Simmons.

  • You couldn't trade Ben Simmons for for James Harden.

  • So I just I don't know.

  • I put Philly on the outside of that list on Lee.

  • From the standpoint of you know, Joel Allenby would really be the only major star, because if you tried to pair Ben Simmons with John Wall, that's not a match that anyone wants to see on.

  • And I get that RJ.

  • But we're talking about Darrell Moore.

  • Darrell Moore is known to pull rabbits out the hat, so don't don't just think of it as just been Simmons you.

  • It could be a three team trade or whatever the case may be, But he's going to pursue James Harden if the Rockets a 25 30 games in and not doing well.

  • Trust me.

  • Well, this this is gonna be an interesting case study with the Houston Rockets and James Harden.

  • In this age of player empowerment, the team obviously built everything around.

  • James gave him the Supermax and then last year made a trade for Russell Westbrook that, frankly, some of the front office wouldn't let let's just say they wouldn't have made it if it was up to them.

  • And yet now he wants to be traded somewhere else.

  • And he's got two years left on his deal, how much they decided to cater to what he wants, how he decides to play while he is still in Houston.

  • This is going to be very interesting to watch.

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We discussed the Russell Westbrook for John Wall Trade earlier in the show.

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The Jump reacts to Kevin Durant's comments about James Harden and a possible trade

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