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  • in terms off.

  • You know what drove me?

  • It really was just a matter of wanting my voice.

  • To be heard with passion just came from just really not wanting to be invisible, you know?

  • You grow up, you know, um, look, we know that anything is possible and we know that we can bootstrap to make it.

  • But you really do.

  • When you're growing up in the in the city, you really do feel invisible.

  • It wasn't about money it wasn't about Oh, I wanna a zillion dollars.

  • I wanna you know, Yes, I wanted nice things.

  • There was part of that, but it was primarily initially just wanting to be heard.

  • So I started this thistle platform that it's a flywheel, and it's content, commerce and experiences.

  • And between those three things, we get the flywheel turning and really speak to an audience that doesn't have an all encompassing hip hop brand that touches them everywhere they are.

  • Right now, we're about seven million listeners daily, up from about a couple of million, right?

in terms off.

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B1 flywheel wanting invisible drove bootstrap hip hop

LL Cool J reveals what drove him to make music

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/05
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