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  • Yo, what's up, guys?

  • We are today work with Buzzfeed and we're gonna be playing a game of who's who.

  • So check it out.

  • Who is most likely to start seeming out of nowhere pointed at everyone.

  • Everybody honestly, like now I feel like we're seeing a lot of what we're gonna be coming out with, which is our new album, Deja Vu, and our new single that's coming out tonight, Platinum or else I think I've heard all the single little piece of it today, at least who is most likely to forget choreography routine.

  • Okay, I feel like guys travel a lot with Corio.

  • Maybe I just go and get lost in the moment Or just looking at the fan A E Remember this one time?

  • I remember this one time clearly that we were sinking Mamata and I don't remember where, to be honest, but I was connecting with a fan that she was doing a video or something.

  • I remember singing to the camera like singing right away, straight out, boom her and kind of kind of like this toe lava and I forgot everything like everything just stay There were in the middle of choreography 01 spot.

  • You know, that's crazy.

  • Oh, who is most likely to get the choreography on the first try?

  • I'm gonna defend myself.

  • I always get the Korea right of way have honestly gotten better.

  • I remembering it for one of our music videos that recorded about two weeks ago.

  • We did a zoom call Thio like to practice a new choreography.

  • We have, like, two days.

  • Remember it.

  • It's pretty good, like the Korea is not that easy.

  • Who has the best style?

  • Yeah, E o E.

  • Everyone has found their style over the years.

  • Who is most likely to create the next viral and sounds you?

  • I directed, uh, Sundance Ticktock as well as Eric E.

  • It's not that he creates the E direct who's most likely to be caught.

  • Us taking self e.

  • Our number of photos we have in our gallery were always recording so much moments, and Eric's phone, especially.

  • He's always recording everything you would never find that way.

  • Who's most likely to make all of the other members live?

  • E think between Chris, Eric and, uh, maybe crazy with mostly Eric.

  • Mostly Eric with me.

  • Uh huh.

  • Who is most likely to send names in the good tags.

  • What I think, Chris and who's the best at doing impressions of other members?

  • E think it's Richard.

  • Richard is really good.

  • E Don't even think we've We've seen each other You are e o weighing the highest note job way.

  • Actually here in the album way actually kind of go off.

  • You will hear who is most likely to write the next scene way.

  • Yea way our Thank you so much for everyone watching Buzzfeed We want to remind you guys that hero, our new single is out with the video.

  • You can also preorder album Deja vu Coming out very soon.

  • Can we owe you peace, Love?

Yo, what's up, guys?

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