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  • but we talk about the Packers.

  • Clearly.

  • Aaron Rodgers is playing as well as maybe he ever has and as well as anybody in the league.

  • But does that team have enough defense for Aaron Rodgers to carry it back to the Super Bowl?

  • Well, if you if you look at the Bears game, they might.

  • So last year they were opportunistic.

  • They created a lot of turnovers this season, they haven't created as many turnovers, and they're kind of middle of the pack s.

  • So I think that if they can get a push here to the final part of the season and into the playoffs, and their defense can step up against the Bears, I know it's the Bears.

  • But they had three.

  • They created three turnovers against the Bears at a strip sack fumble recovery for a touchdown.

  • So when you can create those plays on defense, it takes the pressure off the offense.

  • We all know that the Packers have a great offense.

  • Aaron Rodgers.

  • He can help you win every single week with what he can do offensively, but if you do not play defense in this league is going to be really, really tough to keep up.

  • So if they want to do anything in the playoffs, they're gonna have to make a final push You at the end of the season and their defense is gonna have to step up.

  • That's fair.

  • RC.

  • It feels like all the really good teams in the NFC are flawed.

  • The Green Bay flaw is their run defense.

  • Is that do you believe it's too much for them to overcome?

  • Can Aaron Rodgers overcome that flaw?

  • You know, you know what?

  • I don't necessarily know if it's too much for them to overcome, because when you look at some of the teams they'll face, they won't necessarily be run heavy football teams.

  • But Seattle Seahawks are coming along now that Chris Carson is healthy.

  • Obviously, we have Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray in the world, and so you will face some teams that are able to be formidable in the run game.

  • And let's not, you know, and Bar kind of talked about the Pittsburgh Steelers falling for for the banana in the tailpipe by winning all of these games.

  • Don't forget.

  • Last year, the Green Bay Packers were 13 and three.

  • The Green Bay Packers won the NFC North, and then they got taken to the Wood shed by the San Francisco 40 Niners in the NFC championship game.

  • And so we have seen this story before.

  • Obviously, we look at this year as Aaron Rodgers is playing a lot better.

  • This offense is moving the foot all better, But we saw the Green Bay Packers go down this road.

  • And if anybody's ever gonna use the Chicago Bears offense with Mitral Robiskie once bench now playing as a barometer for how well their defense is playing, everybody's gonna be good the last five weeks.

  • Eso for the Green Bay Packers.

  • Just about continuing to us and continuing to play well.

  • But please, let's not look at what we do against the Chicago Bears to say that we're good at anything because we all know what they are on offense.

  • The Green Bay Packers have to be tested.

  • They have to stand up to those tests so they know what it will look like in the playoffs.

  • For them defensively, that's probably fair.

  • But Rob Ninkovich, I think your point was, maybe they could just make a few plays.

  • They're not going to shut people down But maybe they could make enough plays toe.

  • Let Rogers carry him.

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, the Bears game could have been a confidence booster as well.

  • Like, Hey, look, we just dominated this team.

  • They need to do that for four quarters.

  • Um, you look at the Colts match up where they scored 28 points in the first half.

  • In the second half, they only scored three.

  • They have to play consistently for four quarters defensively after a game like the Bears game.

  • Yeah, it's the Bears.

  • We all know the Bears offense is terrible, but guess what?

  • When you could go out there and you could make some plays and you fly around, you have fun with your teammates.

  • That's contagious.

  • And maybe that happens for the end of the season for him.

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but we talk about the Packers.

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