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  • e understandable for Stanford, considering that they're opener was canceled.

  • So they have yet to play a game.

  • This is there opener.

  • We see early Williams.

  • One of the things for him.

  • Offensively, defender and playmaker on worked on history point shooting a lot over the summer as well.

  • Fire Williams had a look.

  • Instead.

  • Dishes it out and on the wing of three balls.

  • Good.

  • That'll make it 7 to 6.

  • That was one thing Jared has talked to us about this week.

  • Williams's selfless and is not afraid to give it up.

  • He's giving them that opportunity.

  • Cover your ears, Alabama fans.

  • But he told us yesterday he was asked, Who's your favorite player in the first words out of his mouth.

  • Charles Barkley Reese Rejection at the rim.

  • Reese actually led Alabama and blocked shots a year ago.

  • Averaged 8.8 points per game coming off the bench when he catches it, he's dangerous from beyond that Arcas.

  • Well, Williams, already with 13 give him two.

  • Neither one really grazed the rim.

  • It was all Net boat dives, but the freshman getting himself in great shooting position.

  • This form that was Bryce Wills, and that's my God, Bryce Wills, who has the ability to play one through four offensively and defensively, showing his ability to be able to get to the whole, Not just a shooter.

  • That's one of things that you normally work on over the summer time in a normal summer, and you have to go back and think about what wimp Sanderson was able to do in the talent that they had.

  • Jason Kathy was on that team who won rings with Chicago Bulls.

  • Then right after that, Antonio's Makdissi is coming in.

  • I mean, Alabama was stacked with talent back in those days.

  • Largest leave for Stanford, the teams there.

  • But Bryce Wills was the one guy who really took the challenge defensively and took a personal stopping the opposing team's betters, athleticism, his defense, all conference in that category a season ago, Williams sizing up another shot.

  • The mid range is there.

  • Give him 13 in his debut, boring on that Z MBA range, but next few months, because I believe this is all you will see.

  • Dire Williams in a Stanford uniform three pointer off the market level that NATO's is looking for all five of his players to be able to make plays not only for themselves, but their teammates are the reason why they run the five out offense.

  • Williams Elbow jumper?

  • No, that doesn't sound or feel right, considering LeBron just cut down the Nets.

  • Feels like a few days ago.

  • Well, you just don't fall.

  • LeBron against Jacksonville State in the opener probably prevented him from being Mawr Act that he scored eight points, grabbed seven boards, so I'm curious to see this'll point.

  • We've already seen Wills go out.

  • It seems, though he's getting some attention to that right calf, most likely a cramp.

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e understandable for Stanford, considering that they're opener was canceled.

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