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  • Valenca deserves a lot of credit, but we can't forget toe leave out Rich Paul.

  • Rich Paul does represent LeBron.

  • He represents Anthony Davis.

  • He represents KCP, Catania's Caldwell Pope, whose was retained.

  • And, oh, by the way, he represents Montreal's arrow.

  • So I mean, when you when you consider all of those guys I mean when we say it Rob Pelinka I mean, what did Rob Pelinka has to do?

  • Go, go, go, go to McDonald's or something.

  • I mean, did he owe Roscoe's?

  • I mean, what what exactly is it that he helped KP?

  • Because when you got rich, Paul bring it all in bringing half his clientele to the damn Lakers?

  • I mean, if you're Rob Pelinka, I mean, what what exactly is it that you have to dio, right?

  • And Steven, Listen, that's a great point.

  • I just want to say this, Steven, I think you just won the debate.

  • Clutch Sports decides who wins the championship.

  • Clutch Sports decides who the best team in the world is, whether that's Miami, Cleveland or L.

  • A.

  • That's exactly what happened.

  • KCP sign that $17 million.1 year deal.

  • Okay, Come on, bring your guys here.

  • LeBron shows up a D shows up Lakers of the best.

  • It's true.

  • I can't represents Montreal's Hey, well, with that being said, guess what?

  • Guess what?

  • Plus, sports represent about 50% of the league, and it's only going to get bigger.

  • Guys, we're going to continue to go to clubs sports.

  • With that being said, you're gonna have guys like Bradley Bill that's gonna be on the free agent market.

  • And right now we're we're witnessing.

  • Although you may say, Oh, the Lakers don't have the cap space.

  • They might not have the room to sign of Bradley Bill.

  • Well, what I've noticed everyone everyone has been talking about, Oh, this offseason, we not.

  • There's not gonna be a lot of money to be issued out, not in Los Angeles.

  • They have a Brinks truck, the Loomis truck and and the Dunlap truck pulling up down there at the Staples Center.

  • So what?

  • That what that goes to tell me is that Jenny Bus is not afraid to spend top dollar to make sure that they deliver championship Kendra in Los Angeles.

  • Kendrick, I know you can appreciate the point.

  • I know you can appreciate the point that I'm about to make Kendrick because it's very important to you.

  • I know it's very important to me.

  • I want to give Rich Paul and clutch sports all the love of the world.

  • But I don't wanna ignore the Goodwin brothers, Eric and Aaron.

  • They represent Damian Lillard, along with other players, that Damian Lillard got a $250 million deal.

  • Yeah, Anthony Davis is.

  • Max is 1 90 for obvious reasons, but Damian Lillard stayed with the same team, got 250 plus million.

  • You got a guy like Bill Duffy and others representing Cats like Luca and others, and he's been around for years.

  • Let's give him some love.

  • Ah, lot of times when we talk about the velocity of African Americans, it head coaching positions, certainly in executive positions with Onley Brother with real power is Messiah Jerry in Toronto and damn it, he's African.

  • He ain't even African American And, oh, by the way, he's running a team in Canada, not the United States of America.

  • So in America they still don't give any brothers power.

  • But when it comes to the agency business, we got a few brothers out here doing some special things, and that's not to take away from Jeff Austin, Jeff Wexler and white dudes.

  • They're doing great jobs, But we got brothers in this business and the agency business, obviously with clutch sports.

  • But Eddie and Aaron along with I'm sorry.

  • Yeah, that's right.

  • Eric and Eric.

  • I'm sorry.

  • Along with Bill Duffy, let's give them some credit to on national television.

  • I'm gonna make sure, but they don't determine the champions, but that's all good that they don't have a good shot him out.

  • I'm just saying, Yeah, I'm just saying Clutch sports determines who wins the championship.

  • You did.

  • It was like when they didn't say if there was a threat, Max, it would be Luca.

  • Did you not?

  • Yeah, that's the threat.

  • If they stay healthy, that's the threat.

  • And it's been talking about Phoenix.

  • That's another threat.

  • You know that.

  • They're gonna be really good, but the Lakers air winning it this year, Lakers air winning it this year, and they want it.

  • And it's because you know they're gonna clutch sports clients.

  • Let's be honest, that's the best argument you could make.

  • I have no answer for that.

  • If clutch is gonna is gonna is gonna prop up the Lakers Lakers.

  • Gonna win?

  • Well, I With all due respect, I actually don't believe that There's many things that I say that you can argue with Max, but I just that just me.

  • That's just me.

  • You finally won an argument.

  • Happy.

  • Take the W.

  • I know you're not used, Thio.

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Valenca deserves a lot of credit, but we can't forget toe leave out Rich Paul.

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