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  • Let me compliment you, Jack, by saying, You look good.

  • I think you look good.

  • You you have a lot of grace.

  • You clearly have stamina.

  • Well, it's, you know, the camouflage hides some of the bulk.

  • It's just like I kind of a into the background.

  • I have been working on my physic a bit.

  • I've been doing a lot of mountain climbing and biking and trying to just lose a couple of the LBs because I wanna live longer and just be strong and and also my partner and my band.

  • Tenacious D.

  • Kyle Gass is, uh he's lost some way, and he's lighter that he's like £225 right now on I'm like, £235 Right now it drives me insane.

  • When that happens on DSO, I decided to just lose a bunch of weight.

  • You know, is your technique just exercise more?

  • Well, yes, I exercise and I also focus on my diet.

  • But the problem is that I'm always super hungry for macaroni and cheese.

  • Also cheeseburgers, and there's nothing I could do to stop myself.

  • Um, So what I did was I started a regimen of drugs that prevent me from eating.

  • Supposedly.

  • But I just started the drugs and they're not working, so I'm gonna up the dosage.

  • I don't know what drug you're talking about.

  • It doesn't matter.

  • I'm not gonna here to promote my drugs, but side effects supposedly is.

  • It sucks out your personality.

  • Uh huh.

  • I think you're just a zombie.

  • Yeah.

  • For Conan.

  • Yeah.

  • You'll be a thin zombie.

  • That's important.

  • Worth it.

  • The worst thing, the worst thing I hear a guy say is I don't know.

  • I just started not church working, So I'm upping my own dosage.

  • You're not supposed to do that.

  • You talk to the doctor.

  • Okay, Good.

  • He's the one.

  • They call him Dr Feel Goddio.

Let me compliment you, Jack, by saying, You look good.

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Jack Black’s Weight Loss Tips - CONAN on TBS

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