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  • the U.

  • N refugee agency has appealed to Ethiopia for access to 96,000 Eritrean refugees in the northern Tigray region.

  • There are concerns of possible food shortage following reports of attacks, abductions and forced recruitment off refugees.

  • Meanwhile, there nearly month long war has displaced thousands of people into neighboring countries like Sudan.

  • D.

  • W Africa correspondent Mario Mola traveled to a town on the border with two right.

  • They were lucky.

  • After crossing the border from Ethiopia to Sudan, Lata Bow Han and her family found refuge in this home.

  • The nearby camp is already overcrowded.

  • There they would have had to sleep outside on the ground.

  • Okay.

  • E, thank the owner of this house so much because she doesn't know us.

  • She doesn't know anything about us, but because we were neighbors across the border, she took us in more than 50 people.

  • E.

  • She'll never forget the moment she realized she and her nine Children had to flee their hometown in Tigre Way cried and our Children cried with us.

  • They wept in front of us.

  • The shooting started while we were eating.

  • We just had to leave in Manila.

  • Six families live here together that it's more than 50 people in one house.

  • Among them are Tourist Bar.

  • He and her husband.

  • When the fighting in Tigre started, they try to bring their Children to safety.

  • When the shooting started, I gave my Children to our neighbors, who had a car to take them with them.

  • Since then, she hasn't heard anything from them because of her communications blackout integrity.

  • She can't call the neighbors or people in her village.

  • My Children are always on my mind.

  • Whenever I close my eyes, I see them.

  • The owner of the house is Farid Abrahim.

  • It's not the first time that she has welcomed refugees in her home.

  • In the 19 sixties, she housed people who fled the war in Ethiopia.

  • Thes people came to us, and although we don't have much money, they're our neighbors, so we had to help them.

  • Many residents of this already poor region have again welcome to Ethiopian refugees in their homes.

  • Some offer shelter only.

  • Others provide food and water.

  • However, the influx of people he has resulted in instant price hikes.

  • Presidents tell us vegetables, fruit, meat and even water has become much more expensive.

  • Still, they try to help us much as they can fill out a bow.

  • Han.

  • It's the second time that she had to flee her home.

  • She doesn't want the same for her Children.

  • I took right mad.

  • I hope my Children will have a better life.

  • Will not become like us e.

  • I wish they go to school, study, do their jobs and stay away from politics.

  • Farida Ibrahim says her guests can stay as long as they need.

the U.

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UN and Ethiopia reach agreement for Tigray aid access | DW News

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