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  • we all know what a gold digger looks like.

  • There's gold in these hills, and I'm gonna find E mean.

  • Yeah, those are definitely the O g.

  • Gold diggers.

  • But I think the more common image that comes to mind is.

  • And in 2019, we now have a new evolved version, the emotional gold Digger.

  • I am Amber.

  • Hi.

  • I'm gonna need you to be my substitute therapist by listening to talk nonstop for several hours and you're gonna provide me with extensive emotional support.

  • And I'm not gonna reciprocate that kind of stuff for you at all.

  • And the signs that you're dealing with an emotional gold digger are pretty similar to the signs of a regular gold digger.

  • Just swap out money with emotion.

  • So whereas a gold digger is curious about your economic caliber and emotional gold, Digger wants to know about your compassion caliber.

  • So how many best friends have you had?

  • Had a few in my life, I guess.

  • And are you like a good best friend?

  • Well, I tried toe, appreciate them and be good to them.

  • Oh, okay.

  • Do you, like, remember their birthdays and plan outings and sacrifice your personal needs?

  • to pacify them.

  • Thistle is a strange line of questioning.

  • Is it?

  • An emotional gold digger will try to force and fast track intimacy with you.

  • They'll dump their entire life story despite barely knowing you.

  • When I was six, I was pretending to be a reporter and reporting on what You shouldn't roll off of a bunk bed.

  • But then I actually rolled off the bunk bed and hurt myself.

  • And I think that's why I became an actor.

  • And then when I was seven, I fell off my bike on this hill and I ran to my mom.

  • I was bleeding and I was crying and she didn't even care.

  • And I think that's why I became an actor and then when I was eight and much like how a gold digger wants expensive gifts.

  • Emotional gold diggers want expensive gifts.

  • Jeffs.

  • I know it's gifts, but I say gifts cause I'm honoring the person who created it.

  • But whatever gifts you didn't send me any means today, Amber, what you're supposed to send me means every day.

  • That's how I equate our friendship.

  • Best friends send each other instead.

  • D M names.

  • Sorry, had a busy day so busy you couldn't take two seconds to send me a post from the holistic psychologist or some witchy moon omens.

  • I'm sorry you should be tomorrow.

  • I better get double the names or this friendship is over.

  • Okay, in all seriousness, memes are the currency of the modern digital age, and I wholly judge all of my friendships based on who is sending them to me.

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we all know what a gold digger looks like.

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