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  • This is a connected cow.

  • She and the rest of her herd sport colors with five G connectivity, which provide real time data about feeding patterns.

  • Health on behavior.

  • Data like this could help address a looming problem.

  • How to feed the world's population as it grows.

  • By 2050 there'll be more than nine billion people on the planet, and they all need to eat.

  • That means farmers will need to produce 70% more food on.

  • That's where tech comes in.

  • The Industrial Revolution paved the way for modern farming techniques.

  • So on average, by 1961 farmer in the U.

  • S could feed 26 people.

  • Today it's 155 but by 2050 each farmer will need to feed more than 265 people on the same amount of land, so farmers will have to do more with less.

  • The UK is one country leading the way in smart farming.

  • Innovation five g solutions are being tested across the country is part of the government led five G rural first Initiative in the English county of Shropshire.

  • The hands free hectare project achieved a world first in 2017 by successfully planting, tending on, harvesting a crop without a single human stepping foot on the field.

  • Autonomous tractors sowed the seeds.

  • Drones with a range of sensors monitored the crops, and samples were taken remotely, providing data for targeted fertilizers and pesticides.

  • While a driverless combine harvested the projects, five G is now being used to increase the capability precision on deficiency of the system.

  • On what about those connected cows?

  • They're part of a trial in southwest England, where more than 100 cows are being monitored remotely through their five G connected colors.

  • The high tech dairy farm they call home is equipped with automated feeding, milking on cleaning systems that can adapt to each cows.

  • Individual preferences, with the help of five G data, can be seen by the farmer in real time Aled.

  • This helps to ensure that the farm is as efficient as possible, so cows produce the highest amount of milk on our kept US happy and healthy as can be.

This is a connected cow.

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