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  • So the real question is, after all that money has been spent in all those moves have been made.

  • Who can catch him?

  • I don't think anybody can catch him this year, not in the West.

  • I think the teams that have the best shot to catch them actually are coming from the East.

  • And that could be, you know, Brooklyn could be one of those teams.

  • Obviously, you know, you think about the Celtics are part of that situation, the Bucks if they're there.

  • But I mean, Portland is in a good position to do so because of what they've been able to do in off season, Uh, in free agency.

  • It's gonna be interesting to see, like who continues to ascend in East like its key alluded to before Golden State, losing Klay Thompson that that hurts him now.

  • Adding Kelly, Uber and company what they've been able to.

  • Andrew Wiggins needs to step up.

  • They still have a legit core, but it's not the same style.

  • Um, when you look through it all, it zombie hard for any team to catch the Lakers guys just be real about it.

  • They're loaded, they're loaded.

  • Even with Clay, there and healthy.

  • It was gonna be hard, you know, it would be hard.

  • It was gonna be hard.

  • It was gonna be hard for Golden State.

  • It's hard for Denver, Dallas, E.

  • I mean, I could go on and on.

  • I could list the entire West if I wanted to.

  • The Lakers there at the top of the mountain.

  • And I think a lot of people know that in the West, and they see that in the West and they continue because think about it.

  • They got younger, they got younger.

  • There's no more JaVale McGee's and Dwight Howard's older players.

  • They're younger at the point guard position.

  • I know J.

  • Will alluded to LeBron James saying that that you know, he's deferring the point guard position.

  • Now he's gonna obviously handle the ball when he needs to handle the ball.

  • But when you're still getting younger and guys could run up and down the floor and play minutes without being tired and having to come out and check out or being banged up, a bruise and things like that that helps your team significantly is that they didn't even, you know, sometimes like, for instance, the Clippers, they lost coaches off the staff.

  • The Lakers didn't lose coaches.

  • None of the other coaches is still there.

  • It's the same.

  • They're repeating the same thing with better players.

  • I mean, look, the reason why I said Portland, Portland gets Robert Covington.

  • Got that?

  • Can shoot the ball.

  • You combine them with Dame and C J.

  • It's a really good backcourt.

  • That's unique, right?

  • They always had to side with use of nurkic.

  • Zach Collins got hurt last year.

  • Hey, was averaging big, big time money, big time points per game, inside and out.

  • I can knock down a mid range jump shot.

  • So I think now you get in this cancer comes back.

  • Is them side to kind of combat that size that the Lakers have to a degree resurgence of mellow?

  • Yep, Melo played extremely well.

  • He just signed another deal there as well.

  • I mean, but it looked at the rest of the teams.

  • When you think about this, just goto Western Conference.

  • I mean, the Clippers didn't really make any moves in free agency, you know, we'll get into later about what Paul George said about Doc Rivers in the scheme that they're running offensively.

  • Okay, Denver Nuggets.

  • They'll be there.

  • But still people are wondering about you know Ken.

  • Jamal Murray sustained that type of play the whole year.

  • Hey, did it in the bubble.

  • They look incredible on the bubble, but can he do it the whole year?

  • Houston Rockets.

  • They got John Wall, but that's still they still have a lot of questions.

  • John Wall.

  • Okay, Potential exit for Harden.

  • We've seen.

  • Okay, see, it's rebuilding.

  • I mean, they have dropped picks out at the Yang R Utah will be there.

  • Um, Dallas will be there.

  • Phoenix will be there.

  • Okay, Like e mean there are like they are.

  • It's the Lakers.

  • Portland's kind of there because I like what they've done, and everybody else is kind of like right there beneath them.

  • It's the Lakers to lose this year.

  • Guys, let's be real about it.

  • It's the Lakers to lose when it's all said and done this.

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So the real question is, after all that money has been spent in all those moves have been made.

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