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  • What's up y'all. This is your boy D-Trix in the Dominic show.

  • And then, welcome to: 7 reasons why you're still single.

  • One. you might have the worst first impression ever.

  • Excuse me, miss. But did it hurt?

  • When?

  • When you fell from hell...

  • You know what rhymes with "hug me"?

  • Let's have sex.

  • Are you from Tennessee?

  • Cuz i give you like a 5.

  • Nice phone! You should put my number in it! HAHAHAHAHA!

  • Two

  • You might lack a little bit of self confidence. Kind of like my friend, unconfident Chris. Let them know, Chris!

  • heard him....yep......

  • Three

  • You're a gamer.

  • Die! You son of a b****! AHHHHHH!

  • Well, not like that.

  • More likes of you treat girl as if it is one big game.

  • Here. Let me explain.

  • You see this girl. You wanna make the perfect pair,

  • but then don't be such a Jack. If you want this queen to be a party of throne.

  • Well, you gotta be straight with her.

  • Share couple jokes, and always treat her like an Ace.

  • Don't ever put her at the bottom. Always keep her on top.

  • And maybe, just maybe......

  • You can have this.

  • Four.

  • You're a but guy. Not that kind of butt, this kind of but......

  • Hi, I'm Megan.

  • Hi, I am...... (Wait, is this girl hitting on me right now?)

  • But what if she's not? But what if she is? But what if we hooked up? But what if she has herpes?

  • Crap! Awkward eye contact.

  • Quick! Say something! But nothing inappropriate

  • You have a really nice butt! (Damn it!)

  • Five.

  • The romantic movie syndrome.

  • When you think true love is literally have a movies-make-it-seem.

  • "Movies make it seem"

  • This is a story.

  • Of true love.

  • And how perfect their love is because movies makes it seem that way.

  • But we all know that's bull s#!t

  • Now back to the pointless montage.

  • Yeah...sorry guys. Romantic movies should stay on the big screen.

  • Six.

  • You compare every new person you meet, with your ex.

  • Hi, I'm Megan.

  • Hi, hold on.

  • Cute? Check. Brown eyes? Check. Brown hair? Check. Nice smile? Check. A woman?

  • What was your name again? Megan. Fail.

  • Seven.

  • Last and final, you just wanna be single. You really don't want to be taken.

  • Here, let me explain.

  • You like the thought of being in love because when you see it, well, it hits you.

  • You're inspired, so you started picturing all the fun things you can do with that significant other,

  • like laugh together, cuddle together, or even dance together.

  • But somewhere deeper inside, you're afraid to fall in love.

  • And everything you just imagined, disappears.

  • Then you picture everything again, and realize...

  • You don't mind laughing by yourself, cuddling alone, or even dance in solo.

  • Because someone in your past, you once gave your heart.

  • And all that was left was nothing but ache.

  • But the freedom of flirt with multiple people at once is always fun.

  • But time will pass. And one night you'll fall asleep and wake up the next morning to only realize the person you woke up to

  • Doesn't exist.

  • So maybe you have bad first impression.

  • A lack of self confidence.

  • Or maybe you just wanna be single.

  • But as long as you follow your heart.

  • That's all that matters.

  • And That's

  • No bull.

  • THE END.

  • You Mean Like This?!

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What's up y'all. This is your boy D-Trix in the Dominic show.

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7 Reasons Why You're Still Single

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    Angela Lai posted on 2014/07/02
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