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  • regular season set to go December 22.

  • It'll be a 72 game season.

  • Kevin Durant ready to go with the Nets a year and a half after that tourney.

  • Achilles, He's finally able to suit up with Kyrie.

  • Maybe some help with hardened coming.

  • That's a T B D.

  • Kevin Durant would essentially asked after coming off that sort of injury.

  • What if Steve Nash, the head coach, put you on a minutes restriction?

  • Definitely be difficult because I enjoy playing in the game and coach when they pulled me out early, unexpectedly, a forced out try to push back.

  • But I know they had have my best interest, but I said it was gonna take it a day at a time.

  • First day, uh, individual workouts.

  • It was cool.

  • Just go from there, okay?

  • And J I should mention.

  • Nash did say the possibility of Durant playing all 72 games is unlikely.

  • That from Steve himself, what do you think?

  • Look, I I think Kevin is going to come back and prove that he is probably the most gifted score that we have in today's game, like he's a seven footer who can do things dancing off the dribble.

  • Who can score at a highly efficient clip.

  • One of the most efficient scores we have in the game, I think seeing him.

  • Kyrie, Irving, Spencer, Dinwiddie Caress avert uh, they just signed Joe Harris to a pretty hefty deal, by the way, is making around $16 million a year.

  • Congrats, you, Joe, on getting your money to space at the floor.

  • There's no doubt about it that this team is going to contend with the Milwaukee Bucks.

  • Miami Heat Boston Celtics for the Eastern Conference championship.

  • They should actually be the favorite, considering their personnel.

  • 60 games he played.

  • I think if we're looking around 50 55 games, 50 60 games.

  • One thing we should mention Joe Harris.

  • I don't wanna let that slide.

  • Joe Harris, when he was drafted, was sitting on the end of the bench, wasn't playing.

  • His career was languishing with the Cleveland Cavs.

  • He just signed to $75 billion.

  • He was on the he was like, You need a telescope to see him on the end of the Cavs bench.

  • $75 million.

  • I mean, there was a reason why JJ Reddick, when he went to the New Orleans pelicans he got.

  • I think it was like a I think you have $24 million deal for two years, right?

  • Guys who can space out the floor, create operating room for guys who can do things off the bounce.

  • So if you're Kevin Durant of your Kyrie Irving, you can do things you know Defense's can collapse in If you don't have a guy that can space you out, kick the ball to that, keep you home that keep you honest.

  • That's what Joe Harris is moving forward.

  • And Steve Nash also did tell Malika Andrews that they're gonna be implementing a style which I think is gonna be crazy, exciting to watch them play key.

  • We're going to games were sitting courtside when we get the vaccine, were able to go to games, but it was the fact they're gonna play seven seconds or less.

  • So Steve Nash played this with Mike D'Antoni.

  • Where they come down, they try to score seven or seconds or less.

  • They try to keep the pressure on you offensively by increasing the pace of the game, which is only gonna make the way they play even more exciting with the scores that they have.

  • I like the seven seconds pretend where you throw the Mike D'Antoni in there.

  • I'm like that.

  • Just, you know, you know how I feel about that fast paced Houston stuff.

  • I just hope it ain't that, because that just I don't care who you have.

  • You can have the greatest players in the world.

  • Just seemed like that does not get you a championship, and we should mention those that are not familiar.

  • Mike D'Antoni is now assistant coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

  • But from a familiarity standpoint, even though you said that kind of style is not one NBA championship for a guy that's never coached an N b A game like Steve Nash to be able to turn around and look a little coach, that led him to winning two MBPs.

  • That's gonna help.

  • It's not even it's not even about the style of play.

  • It's about the in game adjustments, the time outs and who the rotation, who you want in who you want out, all of those sort of things that that is very, very important when you're young, head coach or first time head coach to get a veteran guy who's done it many times over to help you through the process.

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regular season set to go December 22.

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