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  • freezing Need Thio Do something toe Warm us up.

  • Oh mm son Oh, it's snowing.

  • It's snowing March It's all merrily glowing We'll slip and slide Any clues, heights and snowballs We'll start throwing.

  • It's snowing It's knowing the hot chocolate is flowing the world turd white But that's all right, Sledge etchings where we're going That's no man is super fun Oh, look out!

  • Oh Mm.

  • Sudden.

  • Oh, above Very, very soon.

  • I don't know how I'm gonna do it, but I can do it.

  • If I try, I'm gonna find a way for Jato.

  • Fly time 40.

  • Is it D?

  • Is it you?

  • I'll never find someone to help me fly.

  • Wait, J Oh, let I am a vet.

  • I'm very good at helping animals, especially J birds.

  • Let me check your wings.

  • Now Close your eyes.

  • Uh, can't.

  • Oh, yes.

  • Jumping jumbos.

  • Is it a flying machine?

  • Your very own Chet.

  • Jump aboard everyone.

  • Are you coming?

  • V o ratio!

  • Hey, Jay, You're on your way J to the moon and the Milky Way.

  • J What a j You found a way We didn't think that we could do it.

  • Way, way!

  • Change the fluff.

  • Uh huh.

  • off E o Oh, it's got these.

  • It's not loose enough.

  • What They don't get in What happened?

  • Oh, yeah, It's not with its got breath, It's got length.

  • It's got height.

  • It's got Brings the holdout for weapons In flight from the north of the south to the least of the West A thing is a thing that can do things the best it can do the thistle element All we can do Ah, that it could be Or it can be flat It'll have to be Oh, but if it won't fit You can feel it with e o whether this is a star E oh, yeah e uh oh ah e o oh oh Ginger Better did you Oh, oh, oh mm Oh, everybody needs the sun to shine In spring Everybody needs a song to sing along Thio Yes, everybody needs a song to sing a bell And a clap can slap about But with us The bell can ring ring, ring ring A bird in the sky can flap on flythe e can sing I can sing If you want the bell to ring If you want They're about to see You have to agree You're going to need energy You can walk up and down with your head in a crowd With us you can be king a king, the bell on your bike to be your shiny as you like with me Oh, you have to agree you're going thio engine You can shake that thing if you wanted to ring But with us it could be Oh, thing that goes ping bells in the tower can chime on the hour with us They could be Oh, thinking me Try again If it goes wrong in the middle of a song with us they could be Oh, ding dong ding dong ding dong If you want the Oh, if you want the best Ding dong ding You have to agree you're going to knee Engy land.

  • Look, there they are!

freezing Need Thio Do something toe Warm us up.

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