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  • [intense music]

  • The bee pupa are stored at the bottom.

  • So to collect them, I have to cut through the hive.

  • [buzzing]

  • They just pierced that comb, and honey is just dripping out.

  • I catch it with my bamboo container.

  • I'm just trying to get as much of that honey as I can.

  • My final job, to reach even higher

  • and scrape the honeycomb from the rock.

  • Oh, my god.

  • I'm just covered in honey and bees,

  • and I'm sticky everywhere.

  • I think we've gotten all that we can get.

  • OK.

  • That's getting the honey the hard way.

  • Woo!

  • My hands just ache from being stung.

  • But this whole thing is just solid honey.

  • And this, the bottom part of the comb is wax and pupae.

  • None of this stuff is going to go to waste.

  • We have a taste of our prize.

  • I am just a sticky mess, but--

  • [non-english speech]

  • The sweetness of this honey is, like, peach flavor.

  • Like, I never had honey like this at all.

  • Mmm.

[intense music]

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