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  • Hey, guys.

  • Hey.

  • Today Rachel is going to join me, and we're going to do the Japanese on a model p A challenge because Japanese on a lot of PR just crazy.

  • The amount of them is just insane.

  • Every word.

  • Yeah, lots of things that don't even make sounds.

  • Yeah, like it's just mind blowing for, I guess, English speakers.

  • Just because we don't really have that amount of automotive p a in English, we want a few, but in Japanese, they really come up in everyday conversation.

  • They're very useful.

  • So hopefully you guys can pick up some new phrases from this video that you can use if you're studying Japanese.

  • Alright, So my friend is going to read off the list, and we're gonna guess what they mean.

  • I think I know a couple of them.

  • I know that, like at least know the basics.

  • I bet you do, Thio.

  • No, I'm really studio.

  • All right, let's get started.

  • What e o fuck.

  • Fuck!

  • Fuck!

  • Fuck!

  • Like is that like knocking fucking thio?

  • Fuck You like crackers?

  • Sound like e crackers?

  • E uh, e Maybe if it was something like a chewing hot rocks e that like that sounds like a shopping cart.

  • Makes it's like calling over e Got up A Yeah, a a o e.

  • Yeah.

  • It sounds so natural.

  • E Yeah, e That's when you write e s o that.

  • Okay.

  • E o Yeah, e Oh, yeah.

  • Oh, I e no e give you a hint.

  • Okay.

  • My room is e o A.

  • But e just learned this kind of a couple years ago.

  • I've never really used it myself.

  • But both of you wake up, okay?

  • I don't think I read your jacket.

  • These Oh, is it like, No, they e think that Sarah Sarah coming up e a e.

  • Not a problem.

  • A of course.

  • Rough e.

  • I have no idea.

  • I've never You can call you crawl.

  • Oh, you crawling way Don't have any sounds for stuff like this in English.

  • Way knock.

  • Maybe we should read more comments.

  • I have a That's so true, but it's more like Sounds like just black A Yeah, it's not like a phrase that you can use in a sentence.

  • Right?

  • Alright, guys, I hope you enjoyed that.

  • And I hope you picked up some new words I did.

  • I forgot most of their already.

  • They're all, like, so similar.

  • That's what makes it really hard for me, like coca Coca that, uh, it's all, like, two syllable things.

  • And I always mix them up.

  • But I find that if you try to use on when you're speaking Japanese, eventually you'll get used to it and they'll come out naturally, I'm there with a couple of them, but not very many of them.

  • Um, but yeah, so And also I wanted to mention something that I had mentioned on Twitter earlier.

  • I'm working for this website that has some tools.

  • Um, it's actually an English learning website, but because lots of their articles and tools are in English and Japanese, I think some of you guys that are learning Japanese can also use thumb, so I'll introduce them now.

  • So check those out if you're interested, and make sure to check out Rachel Channel if you don't know who she is.

  • She's also has an amazing channel where she does some very in depth videos about Japan.

  • So I think you guys will really enjoy those.

  • Thanks for joining you.

  • And thanks for watching guys.

  • Bye.

  • All right, so if you go to the English dot cheer up dot jp website You'll see a fortune cookie picture on the lower right hand side there.

  • Click on that, and three fortune cookies will come up.

  • So choose one, and when you click on it, you will get your fortune in both English and Japanese and any of the underlined words you see in English.

  • There you can click on those, and it will take you to a dictionary page, and on that page there will be sentences in both English and Japanese.

  • So even for a Japanese learners, you could probably pick up some new phrases and some vocabulary from there.

  • So it's pretty useful.

  • One other thing I want to show you guys from the site is the crossword puzzle.

  • It will generate a new puzzle every time, and you'll have two minutes to complete it.

  • So what you do is you read the Japanese clues on the right there, and the answers are all in English.

  • So once you've completed as much as you can, you can click that button at the top That says quota, Uh, check your answers and it will show you all the answers there, even though this site is designed for English learners.

  • I think you guys might be able to get some Japanese study out of these two things, so definitely check them out.

  • And thanks for watching guys.

  • Bye.

Hey, guys.

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