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  • Baldurson of All Father Odin and Queen Frigg,

  • husband of Nanna the Peaceful, and God of truth and light

  • was the gentlest and most beloved being in all of Asgard.

  • In his great hall of Breidablik,

  • Baldur's soothing presence eased his subject's woes.

  • But lately, he was plagued by troubles of his own.

  • Every night, Baldur had gruesome visions foretelling his own imminent death.

  • Determined to protect her son from these grim prophecies,

  • Queen Frigg travelled across the nine realms,

  • begging all living things not to harm Baldur.

  • Her grace moved each being she encountered.

  • Every animal and element, every plague and plant, every blade and bug

  • gladly gave their word.

  • Frigg returned to Breidablik, and threw a great feast to celebrate.

  • Wine flowed freely, and soon the gods took turns testing Baldur's immunity.

  • Lurking in the corner, Loki rolled his eyes.

  • The trickster god had never cared for Baldur the Bright,

  • and found his new gift profoundly irritating.

  • Surely there was a flaw in Frigg's plan.

  • Taking the form of an old woman,

  • Loki crept to Frigg's side and feigned confusion.

  • Why were the gods attacking sweet Baldur, whom they all loved so dearly?

  • Frigg told her of the oaths, but the old woman pressed on.

  • Surely you didn't receive a vow from everything, she asked.

  • Frigg shrugged.

  • The only being she hadn't visited was mistletoe.

  • After all, what god could fear a trifling weed?

  • At this, Loki dashed outside to find a sprig of mistletoe.

  • When he returned, the festivities had grown even rowdier.

  • But not every god was enjoying the party.

  • Baldur's brother Hodur, who was blind and weapon-less, sat dejected.

  • Seeing his opportunity,

  • the trickster slyly offered Hodur a chance to participate.

  • Loki armed him with mistletoe, guided his aim towards his brother,

  • and told Hodur to hurl with all his might.

  • The mistletoe pierced Baldur's chest with deadly force.

  • The god's light quickly flickered out, and despair swept over the crowd.

  • Within moments, the impact of Baldur's death could be felt

  • across the nine realms.

  • But from the weeping masses, Hermod the Brave stepped forward.

  • The warrior god believed that with the help of Odin's mighty steed,

  • there was no plane he could not reach.

  • He would travel to halls of Hel herself, and bring Baldur home.

  • The god rode for nine days and nine nights,

  • past halls of corpses and over paths paved with bone.

  • When he finally reached the Queen of the Underworld,

  • Hermod begged her to return Baldur to his family.

  • Hel considered taking pity, but she wanted to know the extent of the gods' mourning.

  • She agreed to relinquish Baldur's soul

  • if Hermod could prove that every living thing wept at Baldur's death.

  • Hermod shot back to the land of the living.

  • He met with every creature that Frigg visited earlier

  • all of which cried for Baldur and begged for his return.

  • Meanwhile, Loki watched Hermod's mission with disdain.

  • He would not let his work be so easily undone,

  • but if he interfered too boldly it might reveal his hand in Baldur's murder.

  • Disguising himself as a ferocious giant, he hid himself at Hermod's final stop.

  • When the warrior came,

  • the howling wind and craggy rocks each declared their love for Baldur.

  • But the giant within spewed only contempt for the deceased.

  • No matter how much Hermod begged, she would not shed a single tear.

  • With his last hope dashed, the god began to mourn Baldur a second time.

  • But an echo from the cave rang out above his sobs.

  • Loki's twisted cackle was well-known to every Asgardian,

  • and Hermod realized he'd been tricked.

  • As he leapt to accost the trickster,

  • Loki took the form of a salmon and wriggled into the waterfall.

  • His escape was guaranteed, until Thor arrived at the scene.

  • Dragging Loki back to the cave, the gods bound him with a poisonous serpent.

  • Here, Loki would remain chained until the end of days

  • the serpent dripping venom on his brow as punishment

  • for dousing Asgard's brightest light.

Baldurson of All Father Odin and Queen Frigg,

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