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  • How are your parents with your fame?

  • How are they?

  • Must be very proud of you.

  • Yeah, they for sure are, Which is the sweetest thing in the world.

  • But but my mom.

  • So I mean, right when I got the job and this was probably remember, like, two weeks into it.

  • My mom and I were in a public restroom, and there were there were a lot of people in there, and I was like, Mom, I'm gonna wait for you in the lobby And she goes, Okay?

  • Heidi Gardner, my daughter on And I exited.

  • And of course, this was two weeks in SNL.

  • I mean, it takes probably three years for anyone.

  • You know who you are on that stuff, but for sure, no one knew.

  • I waas.

  • So I I go out and I sit in the lobby and my mom comes out, and I was like, came on where you sit with me for a second.

  • She was like, Yeah, honey.

  • And I go, Hey, I I saw what you did in the bathroom, and, you know, I'm just not very comfortable with that.

  • I don't I don't like that.

  • And she goes, Honey, I'm just bragging.

  • That's so funny.

  • My mom, when I had the late night show first couple of years into having the late night show, she used to really do this.

  • She got a bunch of late night with Conan O'Brien key chains and she kept them in her purse on she should we would go through that.

  • She would go through the line a t, the local supermarket in Brookline, Massachusetts, and then the person would be bagging her groceries and should say, Do you like television on the guy?

  • Be like, Yeah, sure.

  • Do you ever watch late night television?

  • And you'd say, Um, yeah, I watched some late night.

  • Do you ever see Conan O'Brien and the guy be like, Yeah, I know.

  • I see that show.

  • Do you like Conan Brian?

  • He's okay.

  • Well, guess what.

  • He's my son, and you can have a key chain.

  • I could just picture all these people reluctantly taking a key chain, but it makes them so happy.

  • And that makes me happy to hear, because I think I'm always thinking and like Oh my God, people must be so annoyed by my mom.

  • But if I was that cashier, I would think that was the cutest thing in the world.

  • E.

  • Yeah.

  • Is your dad brag about you?

  • Yes.

  • So my dad, he he tries to do it a little more low key.

  • He drives for uber, and he likes Thio.

  • Um, do like the early pickup.

  • So, like, airport runs or but a lot of times he does Sunday morning, Like picking people up from the bars or wherever they've been.

  • And so he'll tell stories of, like, picking up a whole, like, bachelorette girls from a bachelorette party and like they'll, you know, be out on an all nighter and, like, trying to settle in.

  • And my dad's like, So, ladies, at 4.

  • 30 in the morning, did you guys watch just last night like, no way.

  • We're on a rave.

  • We were clubbing.

  • Yeah, Um, sometimes it's like but some of them, But then I say, But have you ever watched and then, you know, and then they know who you are, and they really like your work.

  • That's nice.

  • Yeah, that's nice.

  • I'm glad.

  • I'm glad that you're I think it's a very nice thing.

  • I'm sure they're extraordinarily proud of you.

  • And, uh, you are crazy, talented.

  • You're crazy, talented, And I'm very happy for you.

  • I really am.

  • It's nice I get, uh I don't know what it is, but when When I see young people, uh, that are inordinately talented, doing good work, it just makes me happy.

  • I just, like, restores my faith in the whole system, you know?

  • Well, you know, for years I had your quote.

  • If you're kind and you work hard, amazing things will happen right over my bed.

  • So Oh, that's so sweet.

  • That's nice.

  • Well, guess what?

  • I What I should do is amend that quote and say amazing things will happen.

  • And then you'll get your shit stolen out of the theater.

  • I'll just add that at the end.

How are your parents with your fame?

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Heidi Gardner’s Parents Love To Brag About Her - CONAN on TBS

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