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  • Sarah Fuller.

  • You heard me, right?

  • Sarah Fuller becoming the first woman in college football history to play in a power five conference game.

  • Vanderbilt was just absolutely decimated at the kicker position at many positions.

  • Actually, she came in there and kicked.

  • If you're wondering, she's one of the best players on Vanderbilt soccer team, which is an outstanding SEC soccer team, she makes history.

  • Congratulations to her, she said.

  • It's great for all the girls out there that watch me do it on Saturday.

  • Put your mind to it.

  • You could do it.

  • Here's Sarah on if she plans to stay the rest of the way.

  • I talked with Fence during the game, actually, and he was my special teams coach.

  • And hey was like, We loved toe.

  • Have you stick around?

  • And I would love to continue learning and refined my kicks and everything that this morning I plan on going to the meetings and learning.

  • I asked for some film on some NFL kickers thio that air comparable toe, how I kick so I could refine that, and I'll stay around as long as they want me to kick me off.

  • So I'm here for the long run.

  • Yeah.

  • Great stuff we should mention, though.

  • The only downer to this story has nothing to don't dio don't do it.

  • Vanderbilt head coach Derek Mason was fired after the game.

  • Well, I mean, that was 41.

  • They probably was fired before you probably was fired before the game, man.

  • Tough way.

  • No, you got some issues, but we got a part ways with you, But she's gonna be the best kicker in the history of Andy when it's all over.

  • Yes, indeed.

  • Because remember, right now, it's strange she had the kickoff, but because Jay said they lost 41 nothing.

  • No extra points, no feel cold.

  • Nothing really went down, but great for her.

  • And put herself history.

  • You think about these jobs and stuff for coaches.

  • That's a job that if I see that Eric code and Vandy, I don't care what school I mean.

  • I'm gonna look at that thing.

  • You're like, No, I'm cool.

  • You can't win at Vandy.

  • Only James Franklin has done it.

  • I mean, in the modern era, really is to Bobby Johnson was okay for a minute, but really just James harden like it's hard.

  • Can you can you imagine for your salary like please just get into field goal range.

  • Give me a chance, please.

  • But it's great that she's gonna continue on to the program, she says.

  • She'll be at meetings.

  • How awesome.

  • Not on Lee Was I so impressed with her poise and how she made history and just her composure.

  • But she realizes she's so cognizant of the fact that young women and girls are looking up to her and she has embraced it and she has rolled with it.

  • And I said it was a teaching moment, not just for young women to see that they could do this to, but for for boys and for men.

  • I have three boys and I said, You watch this.

  • Look at this.

  • Three girls can do anything to And don't you guys forget it, Great stuff.

  • It was a history making moment for sure.

  • If you're unfamiliar with the name, there was so much happening this weekend she became the first woman in college football history.

  • Excuse me to play in a Power five conference game for Vanderbilt.

  • She was a great player on Vanderbilt soccer team.

  • Excellent soccer team down their national for the Commodores, and now she puts her place in college football lore after just one game.

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Sarah Fuller.

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KJZ reacts to Sarah Fuller being the first woman to play in a Power 5 college football game

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