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  • Seattle is eight and three.

  • Good for the second seed in this loaded NFC playoff picture.

  • Everyone is chasing the Saints at nine and two.

  • Stephen A.

  • What do you think?

  • You think Seattle should be the favorites right now in the NFC?

  • Not a lot of you right now.

  • I'm looking at them in that fashion.

  • Um, that certainly wasn't the case before.

  • I'm still holding out hope for Tampa Bay, but Seattle to me in terms of their balance.

  • The pickup of Dunlap, Adam's coming back healthy, having some balance on that defense.

  • With Metcalf being the stud that he is and Russell Wilson being who he is, I would have to say, Yeah, right now.

  • Look, Dunlap was a good pick up, and with Wagner and Adams healthy, that defense should get better.

  • Although last night was not an indication, that's just the Eagles.

  • I would say it's got to be the Saints, though, and these air I went back and forth preseason between these two teams in the NFC, and the reason I think it's the ST Stephen A is actually because of a quirk of the way things worked out, Drew Brees got hurt so that's bad.

  • But if he comes back with enough runway, the man had a rest and he's been beaten up by the end of most of these seasons, and he's looked bad in the playoffs in the moment of truth.

  • But this is different now.

  • Now Drew Brees will not have played those bunch of games probably shouldn't look as worn down.

  • Plus, he's extra motivated because this might be it.

  • It's probably the last season's thing about retiring last season, right?

  • So if this is it, he's on the best team that he's been on in years.

  • Maybe ever.

  • They picked up Emmanuel Sanders, who is now healthy and playing Michael Thomas.

  • They have their their number two receiver Sanders, to go with Thomas.

  • They have come out and they have everything you need to picked up Kwon Alexander, who can really play.

  • But he had a big contract because he's good.

  • That's how they were able to get him right from San Francisco.

  • I think the motivation for Breeze, combined with the well rounded nous off the Saints, including on the defensive end, makes them my pick in the N F.

  • C.

  • I think they're the team to be, can't blame you for that.

  • But I feel differently because I think the absence of Drew Brees could potentially come back to haunt him, even though he's going to get it together.

  • And you know that he's going to be precise and accurate.

  • For the most part, he's not somebody that necessarily moves the chains with his running ability, so as a result of that, it's compromised them in the past.

  • Now I know you're looking at Taysom Hill and you see what he's doing.

  • Particularly were running the football.

  • So that's a dual threat that Sean Payton could find a way to maneuver and utilized.

  • But in the end, it's still a situation where you robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  • Either Drew Brees is gonna get the snaps, or he's gonna be compromised some degree because Jason Ill is going to get to snaps.

  • We don't have to worry about that.

  • With Seattle on Russell Wilson, Russell Wilson is going to be there consistently, pretty much for every down, obviously avoiding if he avoids injury and his ability to run with the football and move the chains along with throwing the football and having a stud like Metcalf and having locket and Carson coming back to run the football and add that Rough Rider element to the equation along with Greg Ghost.

  • And I think that, you know, I didn't see him last night.

  • I don't know already is or whatever, but you're participating that he'll be back at some point being the tight end for Seattle.

  • I just looked at the multitude of weapons and the fact that they've improved their defense, and I think this is a team that obviously they can't be ignored.

  • But right now, at this particular moment in time, if I had to choose between the two, it would be Seattle because New Orleans may not have that consistency because Drew Brees has been out and he has to come back.

  • And it's not that he's not going to be great.

  • But if you're going up against greatness Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson potentially Tom Brady, you got all of that going on.

  • That's a lot to ask of.

  • Drew Brees is not that he can't do it.

  • Well, I'm just simply saying I wouldn't bet my money at this particular moment in time that he'd be the one to do that over those going over those teams Not necessarily Tampa, because you know what he did.

  • The Temple.

  • Definitely Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson.

  • I'll take Russell Wilson over the combination of Drew Brees and Taysom Hill.

  • Also, although Drew Brees and Taysom Hill is a lot.

  • But I'll take the Saints defense over the Seahawks defense, and I think offensively, they're comparable in terms of what they're capable of if they're clicking on all cylinders, right and also see the States have been playing there.

  • You know, better football recently, and that's even without Drew Brees.

  • Let me say one thing quick, about about the upside of having Taysom Hill and Drew Brees not in the same person like Seattle does in the form of Russell Wilson.

  • When Taysom Hill's on the field, especially now that we see he can actually run the team's offense competently.

  • You know we'll see over time, but at least you could see he could run it competently when he's on the field with Drew Brees.

  • Especially, how does the defense know what's gonna happen?

  • We see that he can throw the ball and he can read a defense well enough.

  • He can obviously run.

  • He can block if he has to.

  • And he can catch all an acceptable NFL levels for for Ah, you know, a guy who gets really rotation in a NFL team.

  • So, in fact, even though yes, Russell Wilson is better than the two of those guys, because all those skills are kind of in one guy.

  • Taysom Hill has just shown when he's if you want to consider him a gadget player, when when Drew Brees is on the field, fine, but like he's one of the all time gadget players.

  • If anything, it makes them even more dangerous.

  • Well, again.

  • Under most circumstances, you'd be right.

  • But if you're going up against the consistent excellence of Russell Wilson, that's a different ball game altogether number to notice that Seattle is never out of any game.

  • They're always chipping away.

  • They're always right there.

  • They're always in nail biters.

  • You don't blow out the Seattle Seahawks.

  • They don't wet beds per se.

  • You know they show up week in and week out, regardless of what their troubles, maybe, and the fact that they've addressed their weakness, which is on the defensive side of the ball or something that I don't think you'd be ignored because you're gonna have a tough time scoring against them.

  • Meanwhile, Seattle, because of its consistency, it's continuity, the excellence of Russell Wilson, along with a bevy of weapons that he has available to him, particularly with his favorite runner coming back into the lineup last night.

  • I think that puts Seattle in a favorable position at this particular moment in time, and other teams are gonna have to step up in order to knock them off.

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Seattle is eight and three.

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