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  • speaking of leftovers we hope will be left over once America's done getting absolutely devoured by coronavirus.

  • Here's Dr Fauci with the forecast.

  • What we expect.

  • Unfortunately, as we go for the next couple of weeks into December, that we might see a surge superimposed upon that surge that were already in.

  • Now, Congresswoman, aren't these scare tactics from Dr Fauci unnecessary now that Joe Biden won the election?

  • When can we stop campaigning?

  • No, Actually, the warnings from health experts that cases are on the rise means that hospitalizations are on the rise and hospitals are at capacity.

  • It means that deaths are rising.

  • So it's a very serious thing, and I know that folks are tired of the stay at home orders, but they're really put in place to save lives.

  • This pandemic effects everything.

  • The Denver Broncos had to sit all four of their quarterbacks, so they had me take a few snaps.

  • But I didn't jibe with their system.

  • I'm a mobile pastor, and they wanted me to stay in the pocket.

  • Teddy Hopper does not stay in the pocket.

  • Teddy role moving on.

  • With President Trump's election defeat growing more decisive, he is graciously transitioning into the traditional lame duck roll of offering conspiracy theories on ghost voter fraud.

  • I'm sure you know people that got 23 or four because I dio where they said, You know, we got four ballots They got one of the country home dead people were in some cases, in many, many cases, thousands of cases voted.

  • It is absolutely fine to receive a mail in ballot for each of your residences.

  • I'm a completely different person at my country home, and that wine drunk woman passed out in the Deer Sanctuary also deserves a voice.

  • I'm beginning to suspect that the president is delusional if he thinks that he actually won the 2020 election.

  • I mean, every single court challenges they filed has come back as you know, completely frivolous.

  • Um, they just looked desperate and like sore losers, I am actually frequently mistaken for a dead person when I enter the voting precinct because my heart, nipples and right eye are my only functioning organs Moving on.

  • Joe Biden's transition team continues to announce staff, including its all female team of White House liars.

  • It brings a tear to my eye to know that little girls will grow up knowing that one day they, too, could excuse civilian casualties as the cost of national security.

  • The Biden team is also floating red meat to progressives with the possible nomination of Neera Tanden as Office of Management and Budget director, and Rahm Emanuel is Transportation secretary Congresswoman.

  • Your thoughts on these up and coming fresh faces from the Obama administration?

  • Well, it's nice to see that the Cabinet picks are diverse and that, as Joe Biden fills out his team, he's looking toe have people that look like the America that he represents.

  • I think these centrist appointments are Joe Biden sending a powerful message to progressives.

  • I see you, I hear you, I hate you.

  • You know, I'm actually worried that the message is too subtle.

  • Would it hurt Biden to use a catapult toe, launch Bernie Sanders into the sea and let me just say Rahm Emanuel is a perfect choice for Transportation secretary.

  • As mayor of Chicago, he likely came in contact with all different sorts of transportation as he traveled back and forth, covering up the police murder of a black teenager.

  • That's right now.

  • In other news, Joe Biden twisted his ankle playing with one of his dogs, major, resulting in a hairline fractures and his foot that will most likely require him to wear a walking boot for several weeks.

  • The incident prompts a debate.

  • Should there be retaliation for harming a U.

  • S.

  • President?

  • Absolutely, yes.

  • If we don't act swiftly, we're sending a dangerous message to Joe Biden's other dog champ or Iran or Yemen.

  • Absolutely.

  • Obviously, we have to drone strike Major.

  • The only question is, how much collateral loss of life are we willing to accept?

  • Ah, lot.

  • I mean anyone attending a wedding where Major is an adorable doggy ring bearer, you know they know the risks.

  • We'll hear me out to teach Major that this aggression will not stand.

  • What if we invaded Iraq?

  • I'm having trouble articulating.

  • Why?

  • That makes sense, but it's a long trip to Iran.

  • Well, justify it on the way.

  • Congresswoman, do we have your vote on legislation that authorizes the president to retaliate against Major by invading Iran?

  • No, I think having dogs in the White House is going to be a welcome addition.

  • Well, obviously, she won't go for it because it doesn't include Yemen as well.

  • We'll toss that in.

  • How about Yemen as well?

  • Okay, Yemen as well.

  • We're all in agreement now.

  • Moving on.

  • Republican Georgia Senate candidate and human dollar sign Kelly Leffler is taking a lot of heat for this campaign.

  • Ad, which paints her is someone who understands kitchen table issues despite her kitchen table being made of pure hippopotamus.

  • Tusk needs someone who understands how to not on Lee right paychecks and sign paychecks.

  • But thio how it feels like waiting on that paycheck, congresswoman, after hearing about the hardships Kelly Leffler has endured.

  • Have you considered donating to her for giving Tuesday?

  • No, I'm sorry, but she is in no position to understand what working people struggle with.

  • She has a 15,000 square foot mansion that's worth over $10 million and it has a name discount A like a Southern plantation.

  • So I'm sorry I will not be contributing to her.

  • What's even more concerning is that we were cut out of the ad here.

  • Now for the first time is Kelly Levelers original Senate campaign ad.

  • We need someone who understands how to not on Lee bright paychecks and and sign paychecks, but thio how it feels like waiting on that paycheck.

  • Kelly Leffler knows what it's like to be homeless.

  • She's made that long, unsheltered walk between her chauffeured car and her gorgeous front door.

  • She knows the anxiety of waiting to see if your sell orders based on Insider Cove in 19 information got through before the market drops.

  • She didn't tell a lot of people, but she struggled to put her horse through school.

  • Uh huh.

speaking of leftovers we hope will be left over once America's done getting absolutely devoured by coronavirus.

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