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  • What's up guys! Today we're learning English with  one of the best tv series ever, The Sopranos.

  • The reason why this is one of the best series of  all time is because of the genius way that we see  

  • Tony Soprano manage his two familiesHis actual family and his mafia family  

  • as well as his frequent visits to his  therapist which give great insight into  

  • his life not only this but the acting is  absolutely incredible by the whole cast.

  • In case you're new here we help you to learn  fast English without getting lost without  

  • missing the jokes and without subtitles just  like Jessy who says that now she actually feels  

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  • Listening to and understanding the New Jersey  accent where The Sopranos is set can be quite  

  • tricky along with all the other native English  accents so I highly recommend our fluent with  

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What's up guys! Today we're learning English with  one of the best tv series ever, The Sopranos.

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Learn English with The Sopranos - Dinner Conversation

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/01
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