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  • first.

  • I think this is the story of one of the world's most famous pop stars on the world's loneliest Elefant.

  • After 35 years in captivity, at times left, chained up Given is being set free.

  • Tens of thousands of people signed a petition on his behalf.

  • His most vocal supporter, Superstar Share.

  • Earlier this year, she described news of his upcoming release as one of the greatest moments of her life.

  • Given was given to Pakistan as a gift by the Syria Lankan government back in 1985.

  • But he's being badly treated at this zoo, enduring poor conditions.

  • Life got even worse off.

  • His only companion died eight years ago.

  • The wake of on is swaying his head from side to side is a common sign of distress and it's something that he spent a lot of time doing.

  • Its why campaigners have been so keen to move him.

  • Come here cut very good.

  • Now Calvin will be taken to a wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia after a court shut the zoo down until its facilities air improved.

  • A specialist International charity, has been preparing him for the journey, trying to get him used to the crate he will fly in using food to encourage him to obey their commands.

  • It's like any other dog training or training your cat or whatever.

  • Um, or bigger than a cat belly Big just depends on the cat.

  • I think the main deal is that he feels comfortable with whatever you do or at least excited enough to follow and maybe two to follow you something somehow.

  • Because as soon as he is kind of afraid as soon as he shows, like, how do you say, Miss Mistress?

  • Yeah.

  • Then, um then you can go back home.

  • And now the end is near.

  • Govan weighs around five tons.

  • Moving him will be a huge logistical challenge with charities.

  • Leading Vet has discovered how to help keep him calm singing to him his favorite song, Frank Sinatra's I Did It My Way.

  • Sikander Kamani BBC News.

  • Islamabad Much more than Citizens.


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Setting free the world's 'loneliest elephant' - BBC News

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