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  • Christopher goes toe work, gets inside, puts it in out in transition, playing ahead of the Villanova defense.

  • Terrific crossover in front of more and just able great in transition.

  • Okay, And you tried to turn the corner.

  • Lost the handle.

  • Bagley as it you've seen this past year with the murder of George Floyd and all of the unrest around the country.

  • Social Justice.

  • Big issue in our country, on campuses across the Martin had 26 in the win against Rhode Island.

  • Would Spike Cresta for the two handed stuff?

  • Look out, Christopher, right here.

  • And as soon as you get this little ball screen role and then the penetration off the reversal just a terrific back cut pulled down by Graham here come to Sun Devil.

  • That jumper was strong but contested as well.

  • Christopher is feeling it.

  • He's got nine.

  • Sh MP, huh?

  • Hard to believe it's hard to believe they'd let a guy named Shemp onto a golf course is nice and Arana me.

  • But call Christopher Robinson are going toe work, gets in close spinning.

  • Had it stripped away.

  • This is the freshman Josh Christopher.

  • Christopher inside puts it up, puts it in and the foul.

  • Robinson Earl probably should have gone up with that first one over his left shoulder going.

  • Villanova has rested the tempo in its favor and made it really difficult on Arizona State.

  • Nice move by Christopher the freshman able to get that to go, he's got 17.

  • It's good.

  • I mean, the whole thing.

  • Just seeing basketball again.

  • I'm just thrilled.

  • The one game Christopher Banks and home straight on Josh Christopher with 20.

  • That means you give the ball up within five seconds and he's gonna have to come down and play defense on Surprised.

  • Wider.

  • Took that Christopher kick out Holland Woods gets a big three, and they needed Arizona State the other way.

  • Christopher buries it, and the fact for just gives a little bit of shake here in transition.

  • Stutter, step on, rises up.

  • That's Ah can handle against pressure.

  • Left hand wouldn't goal for Justin more.

  • And now verged points of three gets that one 10 point game.

  • Virg.

  • After that rebound a good pass ahead there by Christopher and then getting down quickly.

  • Arizona State.

  • I think he's got a terrific opportunity to win the Pac 12.

  • This is going to be a great learning experience for, especially for the younger players.

  • Good job by Christopher Got the rebound and then step back.

  • Got the space.

  • He's got 25.

  • Man's got a ton Arizona stage.

  • I mean, that's what they should do.

  • I get the I think, that thing.

  • Championship of the Empire Classic.

  • Too damn for our classical.

  • Take away some of the sting of J right losing an Arana make to a guy named Shang.

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Christopher goes toe work, gets inside, puts it in out in transition, playing ahead of the Villanova defense.

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NBA lottery prospect Josh Christopher drops 28 points vs. No. 3 Villanova | ESPN College Basketball

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