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  • So how's this office change with hinting in there?

  • Compared to Wolfert?

  • Probably a little bit more run plays.

  • Either he'll decide to keep it on the give or keep option, or more are Pos.

  • Take advantage of him in the open field from the 42.

  • Hitting is going to take a shot deep down the scene, torches wide open catches in stride.

  • Touchdown!

  • Here we go again with one of the inside receivers.

  • Almost every ball has either been a catch and carry play on the perimeter by a wide receiver or a shot down the middle by either the tight end of the slot receiver.

  • Okay, we can see him come down.

  • There's a little nod to the outside out of the screen, but into the middle of the field puts it right on his hip.

  • All he has to do is create of the ball blue hose show blitz there, dancing around the line of scrimmage.

  • That's Colby Campbell, who's checked in.

  • They rushed six hitting gets rid of it, one on one coverage and the big body of Washington too much for the young freshman current in a big gain in the first half, Washington was lined up is a single receiver on the left against press coverage that's inviting the quarterback to take a shot at this big 65 receiver.

  • He laid the ball out and Washington laid out for He's got a tremendous catch radius.

  • A nice throw, 28 yard completion back to the air into the end zone.

  • Touchdown.

  • Alex Bachmann, on a beauty, touched by hitting Bachmann straight down the field on a go route along the right sideline.

  • Hidden drilled the ball in there.

  • That had a lot of steam on it.

  • Sean At another catch in which the Wake Forest receiver did not even have to reach for the ball beautifully thrown by hinting, he dropped it right in the basket.

  • Right there.

  • That was an impressive throat.

  • Presbyterians been active with their linebacking corps.

  • Looks like they want to dial up another blitz.

  • Kindle Hinton, checking down third and four.

  • Here comes the pressure.

  • They set up that inside screen the Heinz.

  • He'll go all the way horizontally across the field.

  • Turn on the jets, die for the pylon, and he will be denied.

  • How about a yard shy?

  • Some of the speed by Tamari Heinz Presbyterian ran the Double A Gap blitz, which is so popular with defensive teams Hidden did a nice job of getting the ball out of his hands before the Freeman got there and, once again, the slot receiver on an inside route for big yardage.

  • First down and goal, a bad snap hitting makes the juggling catch and still nearly scored.

  • He did score a touchdown wake.

  • Ah, late call, but he stretched it over enough one handed, left handed, snagged by hidden as the ball almost went over his left shoulder, looked like a first baseman reaching for a high throat and immediately accelerated to the goal line.

  • Good reaction by hitting what was The Wolfpack looked impressive on Thursday night with a win over Louisville.

  • Coach with a nice smooth down inside the 30 yard line.

  • Got a little bit of a mismatch with shorter corner Bryant applying pressure.

  • I didn't rifles it downfield, and it's caught by torch at the 39 yard line with four seconds to G o.

  • They've been limited.

  • Wait for us, but they've been all over the football when the balls in the air hidden cross midfield, it gets to the outside He's got a block down field inside 20 and run out of bounds 37 yards, a little bit of contain issue on the outside.

  • Number 22 gets caught up not being able to make a proper read on.

  • Make that tackle that Xavier Kelly.

  • I wouldn't look for him to run on this play at the end of that run, it looks like came up a little bit lamp with maybe a hamstring issue.

  • He's trying to it for the end zone.

  • Touchdown sky Washington Waiting for this style of offense.

  • Beth in the red zone.

  • A couple.

  • Siri's ago, when the game was a bit closer to Tokyo.

  • Just a three man Russian look into the end zone.

  • Touchdown Wake Forest to the tithe today.

  • Run a slant underneath, pulls the defender finally to go The tight end.

  • I wanted to circle him, but they just fall asleep.

  • Can't see her name is by himself on the outside.

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So how's this office change with hinting in there?

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