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  • I don't know if if Jeffrey Lurie wanted him to draft a quarterback.

  • The owner who Carson Wentz, you know we hear is Carson Wentz Laurie on very good terms.

  • Maybe that has Doug Peterson a little shook.

  • I have heard from reliable sources that has locker room, a little shook.

  • Or at least it had about a year or two ago.

  • They thought Carson West is a lot of power in that franchise, which is why he stands up a postgame pressers and says, This is the way we do things around here.

  • Damn, Carson.

  • The way we do things around here is mess everything up all the time.

  • You know, um, when Doug Peterson says, I'm the one who makes that decision, I think they're reacting to me.

  • Saying that he didn't want to answer the question, he evaded the question.

  • Does he have the autonomy to sit?

  • Carson Wentz, he said he didn't answer.

  • I brought that up on this show and on first take, and now he gets in front of the camera, say he has he can do make that call, but when they ask him if he's gonna make it, he starts to hedge first.

  • He doesn't wanna be definitive about whether or not Carson's gonna start.

  • But then he realizes there are forces above his head that it's the way I read that I might be wrong because some of some I've spoken to some people, but I have not heard what I'm what I'm gonna tell you right now.

  • This is just my conjecture.

  • I think he has been put in a position where he has to answer questions and take responsibility for his decisions.

  • But at the same time, either he has been explicitly told her he does not believe that in fact, he has the autonomy to make those decisions.

  • Peterson, Or that maybe his job is tied to Carson Wentz his job, Something like that.

  • Because you heard it.

  • You wanna hear that again?

  • Play that sound again.

  • Listen, first of all, just remember when he was asked point blank if he had autonomy Toe bench Carson Wentz Thea Other day he didn't answer and I I blew that up.

  • Said no.

  • He didn't answer the question.

  • That means no, that's what that means.

  • He does not have the autonomy playing.

  • Jalen hurts bench and went had I think It's too late.

  • I don't think it matters anymore.

  • I think Carson Wentz is gone.

  • He'll never, you know, like he's been enabled and told.

  • He's so great.

  • All that and it didn't have to do.

  • He should have been really looking in the mirror in the off season, really doing soul searching, really working on his mechanics, his decision making.

  • But all you heard of that was how great Iwas I was the only person saying Carson was no good.

  • Me and the general manager who drafted a quarterback in the second round, right?

  • Yeah, listen yes, after he said he was just before that, he won't answer the question.

  • Then they put it to the point like, and he barely get the yes out of his mouth.

  • You're it.

  • Yes, yes, yes, he's trying to eat.

  • Yes, as soon as it gets out his mouth, he wishes it could be.

  • He's trying to eat it again, and that was after he evaded the question.

  • He avoided the question before that I'm focused on.

  • First of all, he brings up whether you move on from the quarterback as a franchise.

  • Then when they say what he said today, I haven't made that decision.

  • They said.

  • What about Monday?

  • He said, I'm focused on now.

  • He wouldn't answer.

  • And then finally, they put him through a point blank.

  • He barely can squeak a yes.

  • Out.

  • It's not about it Wasn't about a month ago or three weeks ago when I said they need to bench went it wasn't permanently.

  • It wasn't about Jalen hurts.

  • Give them a better chance to win.

  • I'm sure he's showing them very little in practice, which is why he hasn't had a shot yet.

  • It's because you must hold the quarterback accountable to the team.

  • You must.

  • This is football 101 It's so it's easy.

  • Hold him accountable unless he has a direct line to the owner that it's hard to hold him accountable.

  • Right?

  • Donovan McNabb was sat down in the middle of a season.

  • Andy Reid sat him down.

  • Donovan McNabb led the team to an NFC championship appearance.

  • That same season, he was held accountable and then he led the team to an N F.

  • C.

  • A championship appearance.

  • Carson Wentz is not only not held accountable until very recently, he was told how great he was, no matter what he did.

  • You know why D.

  • K.

  • Metcalf says he wants them to bench Wentz.

  • Yes, he believes they have an easier time beating Jalen Hurts than Carson Wentz.

  • And he's right, of course, Carson Wentz better than Jalen hurts.

  • That's not why you bench him.

  • You have to sacrifice that week to save a quarterback's career, to save your own franchise quarterback.

  • To save your own future, you gotta hold them accountable.

  • The Eagles refused to do it, and I believe it's because whence has that whole organization shook because he's got Jeffrey Lurie on his Jack.

  • He got him, could call him whatever he wants.

  • In the old days, you would've said on speed dial, but now everyone just touches a button and a guy gets called.

  • In the old days, I would say he has Laurie on speed dial.

I don't know if if Jeffrey Lurie wanted him to draft a quarterback.

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When will it be time to bench Carson Wentz for Jalen Hurts? | The Max Kellerman Show

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