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  • This is everyday grammar.

  • I'm Alice Bryant.

  • Ah, autumn in Washington, D.

  • C.

  • The leaves are very colorful, the sweaters are very cozy, and the hot apple cider is very, very tasty.

  • Did you notice anything repetitive about my speech?

  • I over used the adverb vary to demonstrate this.

  • Rather than repeat adverbs.

  • Too often, we can usually use stronger adjectives to describe the qualities of a person or thing.

  • For instance, I used the adjectives colorful, tasty and cozy.

  • Like most adjectives in English.

  • Thes are great herbal adjectives.

  • Let me explain with great herbal adjectives, there can be grades or degrees.

  • Two qualities.

  • The weather can be, for example, kind of cold, very cold or extremely cold.

  • To show this, we can use adverbs such as kind off or vary with the adjectives.

  • Another way to say extremely cold is freezing.

  • Freezing is an extreme adjective.

  • Extreme adjectives have the meaning of extremely plus adjective.

  • Here are a few mawr common extreme adjectives.

  • Huge, which means extremely large excellent, which means extremely good and delicious, which means extremely tasty with extreme adjectives.

  • We often avoid using some adverbs such as kind of or vary.

  • To say something is kind of freezing.

This is everyday grammar.

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