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  • Going to the carnival!

  • Going to the carnival!

  • There it is, SpongeBob.

  • The carnival is back in town!

  • I'm gonna be first in line for everything.

  • - Where is everybody? - I don't know.

  • There was one kid here earlier.

  • Doesn't look like any carnival I ever-- oh! Excuse me.

  • Stop, Patrick! Don't touch it!

  • This isn't the carnival, Patrick. Those are hooks!

  • Mr. Krabs says they're really dangerous.

  • Hm... I sense no danger here.

  • How could they be dangerous?

  • They're covered with free cheese!

  • All I know is Mr. Krabs said-- Patrick! Don't do that!

  • Cheesy.

  • No danger here.

  • Go on, try it.

  • But Mr. Krabs said...

  • SpongeBob, let me ask you something.

  • Does this look dangerous?

  • Ah! Patrick, don't!

  • Lighten up, will ya?

  • Or do I have to eat all this cheese by myself--

  • [screaming]

  • Ah! Patrick!

  • Help! Oh Patrick, help! Oh Patrick, come back!

  • Oh, my best friend!

  • [crying]

  • [grunting]

  • Patrick, you're alive!

  • Am I ever! You should try it.

  • But what about the surface and your britches and the gift shops?

  • You just jump off before you go too high.

  • Mr. Krabs said I shouldn't get near those things.

  • Did he say you shouldn't climb on top of them

  • and ride them like a horsey?

  • - Well... no. - Wee!

  • I guess he didn't!

  • [laughing]

  • High-ho, silver fish!

  • Away!

  • [laughing]

  • [laughing]

  • - Ready? - Ready!

  • Geronimo!

  • Woohoo! Whoopee!

  • This is more fun than double overtime at the Krusty Krab!

Going to the carnival!

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SpongeBob and Patrick Play "Hooky" IRL! ?

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    Summer posted on 2020/11/29
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