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  • I'm just such a stubborn person.

  • When adversity hits, I'm more motivated.

  • I'm not going to do this.

  • I'm not going to let them get me down.

  • My childhood made me able to cope with change

  • and eventually to love change.

  • I arrived on the Kindertransport with my older sister.

  • I can really only remember the childish things.

  • One little boy that kept being sick.

  • Losing my doll and then finding her again.

  • These are ingrained in my personality.

  • It has made a big impression on my life.

  • It still impacts me.

  • I want to make sure that the life that was saved was worth saving.

  • I don't fritter my days away, and that goes back 75 years.

  • The sort of sexism that I experienced -

  • being fondled, being pushed against the wall -

  • after one of those instances I really decided,

  • "I have had enough."

  • I went home, thought about it

  • and the following day came in and gave my notice.

  • Society was very different.

  • It was conventional to stop working

  • on marriage or when your first child was expected.

  • So my computing world was full of people with experience

  • who were basically being ignored by the workforce.

  • I had everybody working from home,

  • and started not paying by the hours that somebody worked,

  • but rather the tasks that they achieved,

  • and that was a big change that really made a difference.

  • We see it now in the gig economy,

  • that these social changes are not overnight,

  • they don't just come with the changes in technology,

  • but gradually society adapts to them.

  • My dear husband had thought,

  • "Well are they not replying because you've got this

  • Stephanie Shirley at the end? This double feminine?"

  • And we decided to write the same letters to the same people

  • but signing them Steve Shirley,

  • and surprise, surprise we began to get a few replies.

  • Managing the dual pressures of running a company and coping,

  • and that was the right operative word,

  • with home demands, was not easy.

  • I can't say that my husband didn't suffer.

  • It was not a good time in our lives

  • but it can be done and, of course,

  • if you have to work from a financial point of view

  • it will be done.

  • And if you have to work

  • from your own professional competence point of view,

  • it will be done and I was the latter.

  • Tech is just such a wonderful opening into the future.

  • I think everyone should just embrace it.

  • It opens up so much for you.

  • There's no doubt that artificial intelligence is going to

  • really replace a lot of jobs

  • and we don't know what's going to happen

  • but that's part of the exciting thing.

  • We can actually be in there and be a part of making it happen.

  • One of the things that I did in my company was to share

  • the ownership of the company with the staff.

  • I got this idea of how pleasant it was

  • to be able to make something happen

  • with the money that I had made earlier in my life.

  • It's ridiculous to keep it all for myself

  • and, to be selfish,

  • I get such enormous pleasure from my philanthropy

  • that I can't imagine doing anything else.

I'm just such a stubborn person.

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'Why I had to change my name to Steve' | BBC Ideas

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