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  • my fellow Americans.

  • Thanksgiving is a special time in America, a time to reflect on what the year has brought to think about what lies ahead.

  • We fought nearly year long battle with the virus that has devastated this nation, has brought us pain and loss and frustration.

  • We still have months and of this battle ahead of us.

  • For those who've lost a loved one, I know that this time of year could be especially difficulty.

  • Believe me, I know.

  • I remember that first Thanksgiving, the empty chair of silence.

  • Take your breath away.

  • It's really hard to care.

  • It's hard to give thanks.

  • It's hard to even think of looking forward.

  • I know how hard it is to forgo family traditions, but it's so very important.

  • Our country is in the middle of a dramatic spike in cases, many local health systems at risk of being overwhelmed.

  • That's the plain and simple truth.

  • Nothing made up.

  • It's really and I believe you always deserve to hear the truth here.

  • The truth from your president.

  • We have to try to slow the growth of this virus.

  • We owe it to the doctors and the nurses and other frontline workers every decision we make matters, every decision we make and save lives.

  • None of these steps We're asking people to take our political statements.

  • Every one of them is based on science.

  • Riel, science.

  • Don't let yourself surrender to the fatigue, which I understand it.

  • Israel fatigue.

  • I know we can and we will beat this virus.

  • America is not gonna lose this war.

  • We'll get our lives back.

  • Life is going to return to normal.

  • I promise you this will happen.

  • This will not last forever.

  • So, yes, it's been a really hard here, particularly hard for over 250,000 people in their families.

  • But I still believe we have much to be thankful for.

  • What should we give thanks for this season?

  • Well, first must be thankful for democracy itself.

  • In the middle of a pandemic.

  • Mawr people voted this year than have ever voted in the history of the United States America Over 150 million people cast a ballot our democracy has tested This year.

  • What we learned is this The people of this nation are up to the task In America we have full and fair and free elections and then We honor the results, folks.

  • From the Biden family to yours wherever and however you may be celebrating.

  • We wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

  • May God bless you.

  • May God protect our troops.

  • Happy taste, kid.

my fellow Americans.

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Biden urges Americans to be safe during holiday, fight coronavirus pandemic

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