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  • I cannot wearing her baby.

  • Ah province in northern China That's just outside Beijing.

  • It may not be as famous as Beijing, but within China Herb is known for one iconic snack donkey burger which locals called euro chow loathe.

  • That's how was her baby body.

  • Insure Central Europe and the further and what relieves.

  • Yeah, sure.

  • Uh, color Sandra e A woman named Gandhi.

  • Your cash gonna eat?

  • Uh, despite the name, the Donkey Burger isn't really a burger.

  • It's more like a pulled pork sandwich.

  • Records show to snag dating back more than 600 years.

  • Bread is made with dough coated in donkey fat is rolled into layers and then pulled and pounded into circles is then pan fried until 80% cooked.

  • And just before they serve it to a customer, it's hosted to get the bread crispy outer layer had risen by *** shopping that hula that whole and, uh, the to join the euro Negro do Aha!

  • Are you gonna do?

  • How are you going on about the total of the jackal?

  • Santa generally ho who is jumping on the yo yo yo yo Tomita culture Shunsuke coal.

  • Honestly, I was a bit nervous at first because I usually don't really like big gamey meat, but you don't taste it at all.

  • It tastes like a make sure a parking ticket.

  • The dough is so crispy, and it's so nice that it's like it's cold outside.

  • So this is like piping hot, and it's actually really, really delicious, literally bundled to talk for a ***.

  • Yeah, sure.

  • How do you use a champion?

  • Barbara Lamento your car you can do with the environment.

  • You know, that would be the, uh off your front door.

  • So, you know, uh, you want todo.

  • Despite his local popularity, donkey meat is not common in Chinese cuisine.

  • Compared to other farmed animals, donkeys reproduce very slowly.

  • China used to have the world's largest donkey population but aggressive demand for donkey meat.

  • And Zhao, a traditional medicine made from donkey skin, has depleted China's donkey numbers.

  • Nowadays, the country gets most of his donkey meat from Africa, but even that supply has been dwindling.

  • In 2016 bought in African countries connected various bands on Daki exports to China, and since then there have been reports of fake documents being sold in her baby.

  • You know, that's why get a chip on.

  • Hey, you're doing 100.

  • Would never a student dio Yeah, it's a good I'm just like staring into space.

  • Anyone?

  • Yeah.

I cannot wearing her baby.

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