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  • The one thing we know for sure is they will not play tonight.

  • We do not know with certainty that they'll be able to play Sunday, right?

  • Can you pick up the thought from there?

  • Where does it go from here?

  • Well, listen, the league plan to play this game on Thursday night and you'll notice it said All week long, the status of this game remains unchanged, and that will be the case greeny going forward with every game.

  • The status will remain unchanged until it's changed, and so there'll be more testing that's done today and tomorrow and Saturday.

  • But just like the positive tests within the Ravens organization grew from 1 to 3 to 5 to 7, we don't know that it's going to stop there.

  • If it does, yes, they will play on Sunday.

  • The status will be unchanged.

  • But if their arm or on more and more positives and it makes it such that they can't play this game, will you have your answer right there?

  • So again, the plan is to play Sunday, 1 15.

  • We're planning for that right now and we'll see how the testing goes in the next 24 48 72 hours.

  • I think it's also important to remind everyone or to let you know if you don't know the Ravens Air, then supposed to play again next Thursday.

  • Baltimore Dallas is next Thursday's game.

  • So there are a lot of moving parts here, and Schefty will keep us abreast off all of them.

  • But you mentioned the Steelers are upset.

  • Well, they were making no secret of that yesterday.

  • Let me show you some of the reaction from Pittsburgh on social media.

  • We see the first.

  • That's Chase Claypool.

  • This came out just moments after the announcement of the postponement.

  • He simply tweeted.

  • What a joke.

  • Juju Smith Schuster had length of your thoughts.

  • First, the NFL takes away our bye week because another team can't get their covert situation together.

  • Now they take away our Thanksgiving prime time game for the same reason.

  • Eric Ebron also posting thoughts yesterday, saying, I'm not gonna lie NFL.

  • This is, and we can't show you the word that he says it is.

  • So let me bring the rest of the crew in.

  • And if you don't remember the reason they're complaining about the bye week, their game against Tennessee much earlier this season, had to wind up getting moved, and it costs the Steelers thereby weeks.

  • So that's some context of why they're saying what they're saying.

  • But Bart Scott, as you listen to these comments from the Pittsburgh Steelers, what thought goes through your mind?

  • They come off sounding like Children because you have to understand we in the middle of 100 year pandemic, they have to understand and read the temperature of the room.

  • This this this virus is spreading all over the country, and they should feel blessed that they haven't been, you know, exposed to it.

  • But also understand it's just unfair competitive advantage that you want.

  • When you talk about playing this great rivalry, we're just the Baltimore Ravens in the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • This is one of the best robberies and all the football, and this game has huge implications.

  • Assed faras.

  • The Ravens, being ableto have opportunity to go to the playoffs, so you want them to play with all seven of their players.

  • Is that what makes you feel better?

  • I think maybe what they did is they look at him and saw the fact that they got beat up last last game.

  • It was the fact that Lamar Jackson turned the ball over the red area, and not that they dominated the race for the first time around.

  • Dominic.

  • What do you think?

  • I mean, I get where Bart's coming from, but I also understand being upset.

  • If I'm a Steelers player like they feel like they have a Super Bowl caliber team and they feel like they are and they are in the lead in the FC and every game matters.

  • This stuff matters toe.

  • Have your season disrupted twice?

  • Not, And I understand you got to read the temperature.

  • It's a global pandemic.

  • I understand all that.

  • But by all reports, they are following the protocols.

  • They are not having these major outbreaks that have their season impacted potentially championship season impacted on two separate occasions because of what seems to be some irresponsible behavior by their rivals.

  • Not even someone in their own locker room like that would upset me.

  • I can't be upset at the NFL necessarily because it seems like they're doing the right thing to try to protect these players and not expose them to this.

  • But understand being upset with the team's who can't get their covert situation in order and that impacting your team, impacting your potential undefeated season, impacting your potential first round bye in the playoffs.

  • That would really upset me.

  • It could wind up impacting that.

  • We could get as far down the rabbit hole on this is we want to.

  • But this is one of the things that could trigger the mechanism by which eight teams make the playoffs in either conference this year, which would mean no one gets a bye in the first round.

  • D would.

  • What's your overriding thought as you listen to some of this?

  • Well, listen, I understand what Bart is coming from the fact that we're in 100 year pandemic.

  • This is a season unlike anything that the NFL has ever experienced.

  • But at the same time, you know, if you're the Pittsburgh Steelers, you've been doing things the right way.

  • You've been following the protocols, doing everything that the league has laid out for you, and then here you have your you know, your your chief rival within the division, in the Baltimore Ravens and again and and one of their staff members goes out here not doing what he's supposed to be doing, and now the whole team gets infected and the the game gets pushed back.

  • That affects your preparation.

  • Remember greeting when you're playing on a Thursday, It's not like you're going out there practicing in pads and all those type of things, more like a walk through situation.

  • So now the game gets pushed back to Sunday.

  • Now you gotta change your calendar.

  • Players are creatures of habit, so I can understand why players are upset in this particular situation.

  • Yeah, I think this is a case where everyone can be right.

  • It's easy to understand why this dealers would be upset by all of this, but I actually think what makes a good point that perhaps this isn't the time to be pointing out just how inconvenient your life is being made by the circumstances of this pandemic?

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

The one thing we know for sure is they will not play tonight.

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