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  • going off that Tatum extension.

  • I want to get to a bigger picture because the 2017 draft class in general has been cashing in with the extensions all over the board.

  • But one notable exception.

  • Ban at bio.

  • Now we assume the Heat are trying to maintain cap flexibility for 2021 but Zach is there pressure on the heat to extend bam now.

  • And what are you hearing from Bam and his agent about what their expectations are for this off season?

  • Well, it certainly doesn't help the heats argument that maybe bam should wait that everyone else is not waiting.

  • But this is a massively important issue, because if bam signs that Max extension now, the heats cap situation is such that they might have to trade almost everybody up to and including Tyler hero, according to Bobby Marks.

  • So I checked with today just to fit honest Supermax or be honest, is Max or anybody else's Max.

  • Should that come to pass, we don't know if that will even be an opportunity for them.

  • So yeah, I think Fox, Tatum and on and on signing Donovan Mitchell signing these contracts does put pressure on the heat.

  • I think the Heat and Bam and his team will meet this week and we'll get news out of that meeting and needle.

  • Bam and Yannis actually have the same agent.

  • So that's another tricky, dynamic part of all this.

  • We'll see how much pressure they exert.

  • Zach, I understand what you're saying and I get it that, you know, the Miami Heat still might have hopes that they could possibly land Johannes, but my grandpa used to tell me you could never pass up some off the show trying to get some more.

  • Here it is.

  • You have a young stud and bam, who was the first time All Star disguise the limit form.

  • He should get his paper.

  • He deserve it.

  • If you're the Miami Heat and you're saying you signed Meyers Leonard to two year, $20 million deal and you look at a guy like Bam and what he did in this regular season and how he elevated his game in the playoffs, it's time to pay that man what he's worth.

  • He deserves every single dollar.

  • Let's get it done.

  • You'll need to build.

  • Make sure that he's one of the center points of the franchise and don't depend on or what if and take the for show.

  • That's right there in front of your face and that's bam!

  • Okay, that's all well and good.

  • But first of all, let's not compare Meyers Leonard situation to bam because that doesn't make any sense to me.

  • If you're if you're bam and then and then he comes you and say you are cornerstone you we're gonna take care of you.

  • We swear.

  • But we wanna help you win a championship.

  • And if you could be patient just a little longer, we want to see how this plays out So we can have Yanis next to you and you could win a championship together.

  • I don't think that's unreasonable from a franchise point of view.

  • Now, if it gets to a point where Bam and his agents say listen, fish or cut bait, then you have a decision to make.

  • But to buy a little time here, Yanis hasn't made up his mind yet.

  • As far as we know, we haven't certainly heard one way or another word.

  • Whether he's going to sign that Supermax, it's just prudent on everybody's part toe.

  • Wait a little longer.

  • Well, e, I was gonna say park that that Zack made the point that Yannis and Bam have the same agent.

  • So there is someone involved here who is very familiar with Yannis is thinking so I certainly understand the idea of not rushing into this over this past weekend until they see how things play out with Yannis and the Bucks.

  • Over the course of the next few weeks, that being said and Jackie, look, we can all look at the numbers and say, Yes, it would be better for the heat as an organization if they could have banned.

  • Wait, they do give him that full reward next offseason.

  • That will give them more flexibility if Yannis or frankly, an opportunity for another big free agent, comes in to help him in 2021.

  • But with all the injuries you have seen around the league, major injuries, they're major players.

  • If you were on the other side of that, as you point out, Jackie, really good speech from the heat, very prudent makes a lot of sense.

  • Would you still feel comfortable taking that risk?

  • Right?

  • That's a fair point, and we'll have to wait and see, it really is a literally wait and see thing.

  • And I'm not saying, you know, you wait forever.

  • If you're bam and his agent, at some point, you're gonna say, Listen, we've We've tried to play this game with you, and now we need to get paid, and everybody would respect that.

  • Well, Jack, I wasn't comparing Meyers, Leonard and bam it and that type of way.

  • What I'm saying is, if you're gonna compensate Meyers Leonard to $10 million a year, then you definitely have to take in consideration and get your friend one of your franchise centerpieces out the weight.

  • That's my point.

  • I know bam is probably ready, and this is the problem with guys like Bam and Johannes and this your situation having the same agent because you just never know.

  • It could be so many hidden agendas behind this.

  • And this is why sometimes agents lose clients because they may lean towards one way and give one client bad advice toe help another climb out.

  • So this is the sticky, sticky part of the situation when you're dealing with agents that have the same client and you're dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars in in the M V P type player, but that's unavoidable perk.

  • I mean, every not, I mean, Kevin Durant's the only one I could think of that has one agent rich climate that has no other clients.

  • Almost all of you know, when you when you was, I forget who your agent was, but I'm sure he had multiple clients.

  • That's just how it works in the NBA well into Rachel's, to Rachel's point to Rachel's point.

  • If you ask Bam toe, wait right.

  • If you ask them to wait and say, We're going to give you all the money in a year, you better damn well mean it.

  • You better mean it.

  • If he tears his Achilles, God forbid, you better mean it.

  • If he has a bad season by his standards or something like that, you better give him everything.

  • Because to Rachel's point, I see no reason for any player toe.

  • Wait when the money is there for them.

  • Bam has earned it by any by any standard is playoff performance.

  • He's in all MBA level player.

  • He has earned it, so if you say you wait, you better mean it.

  • You better give it to him no matter what.

  • Yeah, and look, I actually think it's Obama's advantage in this case.

  • That he has the same agent is Yannis Perk.

  • I would say that that gives him a window into the thinking of the big domino piece that might be affecting his situation.

  • So I think it's actually good for Bam that Alex is both the agent for him and for Yannis.

  • But it is interesting.

  • And it is a case of what might be best for the team.

  • Big picture versus what might be best for the player, which then again the next offseason, turns into what's also best for the player who wants to compete with the team to win a championship.

  • So it's all interwoven and a problem that the Heat are gonna have to work out.

going off that Tatum extension.

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