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  • does he think that he's being deposed under under oath?

  • Was he subpoenaed by Tim McManus like, you don't have to tell the truth.

  • I don't think that all leaders don't understand.

  • I think the purpose of the media.

  • You have to understand that the purpose is not, to be honest necessarily, that's not your goal.

  • Your goal is not to fully informed the media of everything that's going on in your mind.

  • Your goal is to do what's best for your team.

  • And if you don't think that I can't understand why he would think that being so unsure and uncertain and confused and him and Holland like, as if he answered this incorrectly, that they were gonna fire him on them.

  • I just don't understand how he thinks that helps his team.

  • And if he doesn't understand that the point of the media for him at least, is not to give the right answer but to give the best answer.

  • And that answer just seemed like he was surprised by a question that he's been getting for at least five weeks now.

  • He was shocked that they hit it with it.

  • It doesn't make sense to me, it blows my mind that he would do that going into this game.

  • What you do in that situation and say, This is my guy.

  • I'm standing by my guy.

  • Then if he stinks it up again, then the next week.

  • If you want to change, then you change.

  • I just don't get the point of being so confused in front of a question that he can't be surprised by Schefty.

  • I was trying to read your face.

  • What do you think of it?

  • Well, again that sounded like a head coach who's thinking about making a quarterback change.

  • That's what it sounded like.

  • Pauses, not going back and forth, opening the door.

  • I'm just telling it in any media market that right there is evidence that you are contemplating a quarterback.

  • That's what it sounded like.

  • I totally agree in the meantime, Bart Scott, I know that you don't think that's what they should do.

  • Why not listen?

  • My wife and our therapist would tell us that that's being passive aggressive, and that's what he's doing, like by point.

  • Listen, in the last two seconds, we just talked about 22 coaches that point the finger, not the thumb and That's not what you expect from management.

  • Like at the end of the day.

  • Doug Peterson, one where somebody else is playing Super Bowl in his second, he wanted his second, Uh um, season.

  • He has weapons out there are aging.

  • Listen, we're about to go to Christmas the season and a lot of people gonna go out there and they're gonna buy a lot of things.

  • But guess what that credit card bills gonna be.

  • Do That's what do for the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • $64 million over the cap.

  • You talk about Jason Peters.

  • You talk about Kelsey, you talk about Lane Johnson.

  • That's a great offensive line three years ago.

  • So now you know, you think about Carson Wentz.

  • He's around.

  • He has to be around during the transition, much like Russell Wilson had to stand around when the Legion of Boom left and they had to retool.

  • This is Howie Roseman and his ability to spend all this money, but all these shiny pieces and not draft well.

  • And Carson Wentz is paying, paying the price.

  • He's on pace to get sacked 60 times what quarterback and thrive in his league when he's getting on pace begins sack 60 times in one season.

  • It's part of sex or his fault because he holds onto the ball for quite some time.

  • You brought up, you brought up.

  • I'm fascinated out sound.

  • Jeffrey's right now.

  • He can't jump over a paper clip.

  • You brought up the relationship idea in this, and I think that's a good analogy, because we all know if you're in relationships that being honest is not always the right thing to do.

  • You know when you get those certain questions that you know how to answer those questions.

  • Doug Peterson apparently doesn't realize that sometimes you just gotta be a little dishonest in that situation.

  • I love my quarterback.

  • My quarterback looks great in his pants.

  • My quarterback is fantastic and throwing.

  • I'm going to stand by him, and then when he's terrible, then you say, I don't know, Let me go ahead and look at this younger, maybe better.

  • Quarterback.

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does he think that he's being deposed under under oath?

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