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  • the prime minister has defended England's new coronavirus restrictions that begin when locked down ends next Wednesday.

  • Many conservative MPs reacted angrily when it was revealed that almost the entire country would be placed into the two highest tiers, with many areas that have low infection rates facing tougher controls than before.

  • They're calling for UM, or locally targeted approach.

  • Boris Johnson said he realized it was frustrating but insisted that the restrictions were necessary to curb the disease.

  • Our deputy political editor, Vicky Young, has spent the day in Kent, which is going into the toughest here.

  • It's not the festive reopening they'd been hoping for on.

  • Once again, this bar will have to adapt.

  • Customers won't be allowed to sit in and enjoy the craft beer so owner Alex is setting up as a shop.

  • Most businesses were getting prepared, get back open in some way, shape or form.

  • Soto have the rug pulled from under him at the last minute is quite a shock and it's Yeah, it's upsetting, I guess really WTO be in this situation, especially when we tried so hard as an industry to be covert secure, and we've put in so many measures in Tunbridge.

  • There are few coronavirus cases, but high numbers in a couple of areas of Kent have pushed the whole county into the toughest restrictions.

  • And it's like when you're when you're at school and you behave the whole lesson.

  • E.

  • Then there's one kid in the back there hasn't behaved.

  • Actually, they were quite shocked that we were.

  • I think they were expecting to be in Tier three.

  • Andi, Quite as new moms, struggling, being alone, stuck in the house a lot.

  • The government's gotta put a line somewhere.

  • You put a line through the middle of Kent.

  • Nobody's gonna know where it is, are they?

  • Prime Minister hopes that eventually vaccines and mass testing will help control the virus today, he told Public Health England Labs at Porton down.

  • But for now, the tier system will dictate what rules we must live with totally understand why people feel so frustrated.

  • But the difficulty is that if you did it any other way, first of all, you divide the country, uh, pinto loads and loads of very complicated subdivisions.

  • There's got to be Cem simplicity on some clarity in the way that we do this.

  • But furious conservative MPs have bean lobbying for a more targeted approach.

  • Look, of course he's right that we need simplicity on clarity, but we also need to be to be appropriate.

  • We're asking people to make very serious sacrifices, personal sacrifices, economic sacrifices.

  • And that's why it's important that what we ask people to do is entirely appropriate to the situation they find themselves in.

  • Labor's not against the title restrictions, which MPs will vote on next week, but it wants more financial support for those who have to isolate.

  • Boris Johnson might have to rely on opposition MPs to get his plans through.

  • There have bean howls of protest from many conservative MPs who are particularly worried about the hospitality trade.

  • But the government is taking a tougher approach this time round after scientists said that the tier system simply wasn't working.

  • Now, MPs in places like Kenter pinning alive their hopes on a review in two weeks time shops those that have survived will reopen across the whole of England next week, but many pubs and restaurants face an uncertain future.

the prime minister has defended England's new coronavirus restrictions that begin when locked down ends next Wednesday.

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