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  • the minute I say that people say things like, You know, it's bad enough that women lie at the bottom off the radiation off.

  • Both caste and gender were not allowed the same pathways to dignity and and justice that other women received.

  • India's caste system is over 3000 years old, and it divides in those into four main categories.

  • Daleks, also known as untouchables.

  • Don't even make it into this hierarchy.

  • When India gained independence, discrimination on the basis of cast was made illegal.

  • But cases of violence against the Dalit community are still reported on a daily basis.

  • Today, Dalit women make up 16% of India's female population.

  • That's your mike Mike Way spoke to some of them about how they live with caste discrimination and gender bias.

  • Walking away, he said.

  • You know, we're never going to work out.

  • My parents are never going to say okay, relationship because your palate on it.

  • It didn't matter that I was studying and he had dropped out, and he was practically doing nothing with his life.

  • He still thought his parents would say no to me because according to cast, I'm supposed to be the dropout.

  • Another student does well, people say, Well, what a smart person I do.

  • Well, people through Did she copy from my whole life has been a construction towards hiding.

  • This identity s, um uh ou bullock met tomorrow.

  • You brah.

  • Understand technical day cash in China.

  • You more difficult.

  • E am Also, Survivor and I have many survivors of cast a sexual violence in my family.

  • It's a unique spectrum of crimes that includes being stripped naked, having your head shorn, um, you know, being, you know, tard.

  • You know, black being raped, any being even murdered.

  • How you received, like, some extremely rude, extremely aggressive commentary both in front of myself and behind my back from, like, the parents of kids, like parents off voice that I was beginning to date that, like, this girl, will not be included in our family.

  • Like this marriage is not happening.

  • And he's a terrible person, and I'm, like, polished.

  • Yvonne made a basement toe.

  • My job maybe, uh, as a designer, my job really starting here, man.

  • The whole paperwork.

  • Sodas out of filial naked, Naked, Off.

  • Now you hear?

  • Address yourself.

  • Who mentioned here?

  • What are you happy?

  • Start stick belonging to So would you like me Really?

  • About hickory?

  • Make me go as a shopping Iraqi Al que Puccio Yet So he speak a lick?

  • Yeah, Lick table.

  • He dio Jo Backus 10.

  • That's with uh, Rahman.

  • Yeah, uneasily younger man in Italy.

  • Talk to so much Get humanity you, Hnilicka.

  • I felt like I was dragging the carcass off my identity on my back and was heavy And it was I carried it for so long that it just became a part of who I waas.

  • And when I came out I was able to finally take it off my shoulders and set it down And I felt free and I felt light and I felt like I had nothing to hide anymore.

  • E want the world to know and, you know, sort of be surprised your blood away All you like is that ballots also love.

  • We are remarkably joyful people.

  • I guess what surprises people is that ballots are human not just characters or people They read about it in newspapers.

  • Thistle is difficult for me to answer because we've been striving for equality for so long.

  • How do we even start talking about equality like equality?

  • equalizing is a conversation that happens on Lee when you're nearly at the same level to think off a possible time when you don't have to do that.

  • It just seems impossible if people look at this is both women's issue and they think Onley doublet people should care about it.

  • We, you know, this will still take a much longer thing to achieve.

  • For me, equality begins with you first.

  • Understanding everything that your ancestors have done to mine that has left you in a much, much better place on it has left me in a much, much lower position that I also do not deserve.

the minute I say that people say things like, You know, it's bad enough that women lie at the bottom off the radiation off.

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India’s caste system: What it means to be a Dalit woman? – BBC News

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