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  • Joe and Bella Stories number five Camping Hobson Family were going camping.

  • It was Bella's first camping trip, and though she was excited, she was nervous, too.

  • What if the tent falls over and squashes us?

  • She asked Joe.

  • It's too light to squash us, said Joe.

  • Well, what if the wind blows it away?

  • The wind isn't strong enough.

  • Well, what if a wolf comes into the tent and eats us?

  • This made Joe laugh.

  • Bella had read too many fairy stories with big bad wolves in them.

  • There aren't any wolves in Yorkshire, he said.

  • There aren't any wolves in the whole of Britain.

  • Except in zoos, Of course.

  • Well, what if one escaped from a zoo?

  • Ask Bella.

  • Joe said that zoos were far too careful to let their animals escape on.

  • Bella soon forgot about Walls as they started planning for the camping trip.

  • Let's get ready, kids, said Dad.

  • On Saturday morning, Assumes were packed up.

  • Then we're off.

  • They all helped load up the car.

  • First they put in the tent.

  • It was a big one for the whole family, then the sleeping bags and blankets.

  • It's cold at night when you're sleeping in a tent.

  • Then they packed the cooking equipment on lots of food to cook.

  • When everything was packed, the car was full to bursting.

  • The Hobson family just managed to squeeze in.

  • Soon they were leaving the city behind them.

  • Look at the hills, said Dad.

  • Look at for Heather on the moors.

  • They drove up a winding road with no houses until they reached the turning for the campsite.

  • It belonged to a farm and was in a big field.

  • There were views out over the Moors on lots of space for people to pitch their tent.

  • Right, said Dad.

  • First things first.

  • Let's get the 10 top.

  • Here's a good spot next to this hedge.

  • Once the tent was up, it was time to eat.

  • Then Joe and Bella went to explore.

  • There were trees to climb on a stream for paddling.

  • Bella started collecting tadpoles in a jar with another girl, and Joe played on a rope swing with some of the older kids.

  • The day flew by tomorrow, said Dad will go for a long hike over the moors.

  • I can't wait, said Joe.

  • It was getting dark.

  • The family ate sausages and beans, then roasted marshmallows on sticks over a campfire.

  • They drank hot chocolate, too.

  • In the darkness, strange rustling noises came from the hedge next to their 10th.

  • What's that noise?

  • After Bella, she looked nervous and move closer to Mom.

  • Don't worry, it's not a wolf, said Joe teasingly.

  • How do you know?

  • I expect it's just a rabbit, Bella said.

  • Dad.

  • Or maybe it's just the wind rustling the leaves.

  • Bella didn't say anything more.

  • Of course, she was only little thought.

  • Joe, you couldn't really blame her for having silly worries about wolves.

  • Time for bed, said Mom.

  • They were all tired.

  • After a day outdoors, they put out the fire, close the tent flap and crawled into their sleeping bags.

  • Soon, Bella, Mom and dad were asleep.

  • Joe was too excited to sleep, so he lay awake thinking about the day and wondering what would happen tomorrow.

  • Suddenly, he heard something from outside the tent.

  • A rustling noise, probably just a rabbit, he thought.

  • Then he heard more rustling.

  • It sounded like something walking around outside something bigger than a rabbit.

  • What if thought Joe Bella was right?

  • Whatever wolf did escaped from a zoo.

  • This camp site was just the kind of place that might like Joe lay there, shivering as the rustling continued at last, he could bear it no longer.

  • He got up and stuck his head out of the tent.

  • A cow gazed at him over the hedge she had soft brown eyes on was chewing peacefully on some leaves.

  • Mu, she said.

  • Joe chuckled to himself.

  • He crawled back into his sleeping bag to think I was afraid of a cow.

  • Oh!

Joe and Bella Stories number five Camping Hobson Family were going camping.

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