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  • to make Tilly's Swiss Bruns Lee biscuits.

  • First, wash your hands, take ground almonds and add caster sugar to a bowl, then give it a mix.

  • Do you remember to make sure that nobody eating this is allergic to almonds?

  • Snap dark chocolate into pieces, then great the chocolate and added to the bowl.

  • Add some ground cinnamon ground cloves and mix it.

  • Mix it, mix it.

  • Then, at a small amount of nutmeg, crack an egg into a mug, check it for shell on.

  • Carefully tip it onto a plate.

  • Trap the yolk in an egg cup and tip the egg white into a clean bowl.

  • Don't forget to wipe your hands after handling raw egg, then tip the egg white into the bowl with the other ingredient and mix it.

  • Mix it, mix it.

  • Use your hands to bring all of the ingredients together to make a ball.

  • Sprinkle the work, top with ground Armand's and cover the dough with them to.

  • This'll will stop the dough from sticking.

  • Use your rolling pin to flatten the dough and roll it out until it's nice and thin.

  • Then use a cookie cutter to cut out the biscuit shapes.

  • Put them on baking paper on a baking tray.

  • Then reroll the leftover dough and do the same again until you've used it all up.

  • Give your hand one last wipe, Then ask a grown up to put them into the oven for you.

  • Once your biscuits are cooked and cooled, add cold water.

  • Tow icing sugar and give it a good mix.

  • Dribble the icing all over them and leave it to dry.

  • When the icing this set your biscuits are ready to eat, they look delicious.

  • Please make sure that no one eating this is allergic to any of the ingredients in the recipe.

  • Thistles.

  • A My World Kitchen Red recipe to be eaten now and again.

to make Tilly's Swiss Bruns Lee biscuits.

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