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  • J Sport, where he became a legend.

  • The national champion.

  • College basketball is finally ready to go later this week.

  • There's a ton of games were hoping on ESPN this week is here J clapping, Ready to go with that sport?

  • Carlos Boozer, former Duke legend.

  • You could see him on the A.

  • C C network.

  • I'm always plugging all of our guys.

  • So Rick Pitino came on the show last week.

  • The legendary coaches said, Folks, we need a maid madness.

  • We gotta hold on.

  • We got to delay the way all the other sports did.

  • Seth Greenberg, who spent so many years working with Jay Williams, essentially said, Uh, just the opposite.

  • Let's go, fellas.

  • Thes kids have been on campus since July.

  • There's a mental health aspect of it.

  • So first of all, they've been working this long.

  • They're looking to have a chance to compete.

  • It's really simple.

  • Students are leaving campus all of a sudden.

  • Now you're gonna have on your campus after Thanksgiving.

  • Maybe until February isolation semi bubble environments where you can control your players in a little bit better environment.

  • And then finally I just think that we've got to control our control those three things Really simple.

  • We gotta have protocol.

  • We gotta have patience.

  • And we gotta have multiple plants, games?

  • They're gonna be delayed.

  • They're gonna be cancelations.

  • But you know what?

  • By starting earlier, we have the agility to reschedule a season like no other.

  • But we're gonna get through it.

  • Jay, what you think?

  • I think Seth Greenberg is absolutely right.

  • I think that you start to push forward, you have processes in place, and then you go according to your game plan.

  • Um, look, I think college basketball fans have to be aware that do the contact tracing.

  • If a star player, it's not like football where it's the next man up mentality where hey, we have another guy that can play like, you know, if you have a couple of stars that catch cove it, that could ultimately affect whether your team makes march madness or not, depending upon how long they're out.

  • But sets is absolutely right.

  • Keep pushing through.

  • And until we get to a place, if it gets really, really bad, then we'll have to deal with that.

  • But all the procedures have to be in place and you start to plan Indeed, the last thing I would just add to that.

  • What has been ravaged already?

  • Not to get too nerdy here, But Jay knows this Something called MT.

  • Es Fellas.

  • They're called multi team events.

  • Most people walking on the earth called them tournaments.

  • They got the CIA calls the multi team events.

  • All these tournaments that you see during feast week, all these trips to the Caribbean.

  • All that stuff is off.

  • They've tried to move all these events back to the United States, but teams air opting out left and right, saying, No way.

  • We're getting together with a bunch of other 18 to 22 year olds who have likely disregarded all coronavirus protocols since the beginning.

  • So it is crushing the college basketball season.

  • This is one of my favorite times of the year because I get a chance to see you where dual hats doing college football and college basketball.

  • We know the likes of, you know, the Duke, Arizona, Tennessee, Baylor.

  • But what kind of year do you think this will be in college basketball?

  • Uh, football is any indication.

  • J.

  • Will is going to be one that's disrupted often, and I know we're hopeful that, you know, soon we're going to, um, deal with fewer disruptions in sports and in life due to the pandemic.

  • You know, it's vaccine and various things were to happen over the next few months.

  • But I think the college basketball fans auto prepare for disruption the same type of disruption that you've seen in college football, with games being postponed or canceled.

  • And, uh, it's going to be unusual.

  • Environment does not have the tightly packed arenas and raucous atmosphere is that we're accustomed to, uh, to see these games, and it's, you know, it takes an adjustment, but hopefully we'll be back.

  • Thio back to what we're accustomed to before.

  • Too much longer.

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J Sport, where he became a legend.

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