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  • Tianjin is often called

  • the street food capital of northern China,

  • and it's easy to see why.

  • Located just an hour outside Beijing,

  • this port city has a long history of trade.

  • And with booming business

  • came vendors and their street food.

  • Tianjin is known for its carb-heavy comfort foods

  • like pancakes and buns.

  • They're made with wheat and mung bean,

  • two major crops in this part of China.

  • Here are our favorite street snacks you'll want to try.

  • This steamed pork bun

  • is one of the city's most famous snacks,

  • and it started appearing on the streets in the 1850s.

  • This breakfast crepe, which can now be found all over the world,

  • was originally invented in Tianjin.

  • This thick, gravy-like soup has noodles inside

  • made from mung bean flour.

  • Candy is universal,

  • but these sugar artists take it to the next level.

  • These fried dough sticks can be found all over China,

  • but they're especially huge in Tianjin.

  • You can find these five foods here at this location.

  • And as always, feel free to taste around.

  • In our next episode,

  • we roam across Hong Kong

  • to try the five most iconic snacks

  • in the city that never slows down.

  • And if you missed our last episode

  • about street eats in this water town,

  • be sure to hit the links below.

  • Until next time,

  • happy eating wherever you are.

Tianjin is often called

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