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  • (lively music)

  • - A letter, a letter!

  • I just got a letter.

  • It's Abby's Advice

  • where I get letters from friends

  • and try to help them solve a problem.

  • - [Dad] Time to brush your teeth

  • and get ready for bed.

  • (boy yawning)

  • - Dear Abby, I don't like brushing my teeth two times a day.

  • Can you help me?

  • From Bored of Brushing.

  • (twinkling music)

  • - Brushing your teeth does take time

  • but it's actually a good thing to do

  • because it keeps your teeth healthy and clean.

  • When I brush my teeth,

  • I like singing a favorite song.

  • Sometimes when I'm brushing I hum

  • and I make the silliest sounds.

  • (humming)

  • (both chuckling)

  • (boy humming) (boy chuckling)

  • Keep brushing and laughing, friend.

  • Can't wait 'til I get another letter.

  • (chuckling)

  • Twinkle out.

(lively music)

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