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  • This is what puts the rial owners on Kawhi Leonard, in my estimation, that I really want to hear what you think about this Matt.

  • The Clippers gave up all that.

  • All those assets.

  • It wasn't just to get Kuai.

  • It's because Kawai insisted he wanted Paul job.

  • It wasn't enough for him to come to the Clippers.

  • He sat up there and said, If you don't do what it takes to get my man Paul George here with me, I'm going to go to the Lakers Enjoying LeBron and A D Boma couldn't let that happen.

  • So they mortgaged the farm and to get him, which is again, this their decision.

  • It's not his fault, per se, but because of that, they didn't have the assets necessary to now give Oklahoma City to get CP three.

  • And so not only did you use those assets Tickle Choir Paul George, it prohibited you from having the assets necessary to get CP three, and that's why I look at Kawai linen and say, Excuse me, if anybody is on the clock, if anybody is on it like we should have our eye on him, it's him because you the guy that can play.

  • But are you that galvanizing leader on on top of it all, Are you willing to accept the fact?

  • Damn!

  • I know I'm a two time champion in the two time NBA Finals, M v p.

  • But they did all of this just to get me and I didn't even get us to the conference finals.

  • What you gonna do about that?

  • I think it's fair toe ask while in it.

  • What the hell are you going to do about that when you talk about him, Max being the best player in the world, which you was talking about before you came to your senses after he lost in the postseason?

  • I say this to you, Max Kellerman, and I'll throw it to you, Max, Matt as well.

  • We sit up there and we look at everybody else.

  • Kawhi Leonard has never been in the eye of the storm as the man.

  • Let's put him there and see what he's got.

  • What's wrong with Well, first of all, he put himself first of all, how I put him.

  • So I put himself there when he opted not to go to the Lakers instead of joining a team where it would have been impossible for anyone to beat that team, and it really wouldn't have proven anything a d LeBron and Co.

  • I.

  • He decided to challenge LeBron head up.

  • Now.

  • It didn't work out.

  • He didn't even get to the conference finals.

  • But you know, one has to put him in the eye of the storm.

  • He put himself controlled.

  • LeBron also, Matt, let me say this quickly that it's not an either or it's not an either or Stephen A like He got Paul George there and they didn't have the assets to go get CP CP three and Kawai is not enough to be a D and LeBron.

  • You know four great players.

  • Two of them are taller, much taller than the other two, and a little better.

  • Right?

  • CP three with CO I and Paul George.

  • Now you're talking.

  • So that's what I mean by their blowing it that there's no CP three on the team.

  • He switched teams.

  • He's, but he didn't switch to the Clippers.

  • Right?

  • Drew Holiday, Who's on the move didn't go to the Clippers.

  • Even Rondeau didn't go to the Clippers.

  • They did not get what actually needed so far and I agree.

  • From a standpoint of, you know, quiet hasn't shouldered enough blame.

  • You know, when you're the superstar on the team and you they go out and get who you want, which is Paul.

  • George and I haven't given up on that combination.

  • First of all, they didn't play together a lot, uh, enough last year at the same time, I think, after one season and a crazy season as it was, you can't give up on Paul George.

  • You know, I had We just had Paul George on all the smoke last week.

  • He's energized out on the mission, so I'm excited to see what he does this year.

  • But at the end of the day, the glaring weakness on this team is the point guard position, and they did not address it yet.

  • Hopefully, they still have some time, and you always know there could be a dark horse trade that no one's talking about or a move that no one's talking about.

  • That may happen and they have up until free agency, But at this point, I don't think it's so much that the Clippers have failed.

  • It's just that the Lakers are doing as if they lost last year in the second round.

  • That's how they're treating free agency with a sense of urgency.

  • Well, let me say this map before we close this segment.

  • I totally agree with you.

  • I think Kawhi Leonard needs to be in the eye of the storm, and the last person I want to hear from this on this subject is Max and Max.

  • Here is why you are living proof that Quad Leonard has not received enough blame because after they went to bed and folded, let go of a 31 lead against the Denver Nuggets in the conference semifinals, failing to get to the MBA finals, all you said was, Oops.

  • If it weren't LeBron James, think about what we would have done to him had he come up short after having those expectations, he would have been crucified.

  • But Kawhi Leonard is allowed to just fade.

  • If he was.

  • Why, like they say, the Max Kellerman's of the world say oops and he's about to go on his merry way.

  • Still having a new balance commercials, barely anybody talking about him, and I'm saying, Yo, it's time for him to be put in that eye of the storm the way LeBron and KD in particular, and then we could judge them.

  • That's ridiculous.

  • He got lots of criticism, including by me for choking in the second half of a Game seven, which is what he did.

  • But had Paul George been giving him one point, which is what he's there for, it might have been different if you watch that Clippers, nuggets, Siri's and you came away from it thinking, I can't talk to you when you lie.

  • I can't talk to you when you lie.

  • E.

  • Can't you never lie.

  • You're lying.

  • If the roles were reversed, you know if we're putting.

  • Kawai is one of the top players, if not the top player in the world right now, the the difference between his criticism and what LeBron would have still been getting up until next season starts.

  • And even if he won a championship next year, they still would have talked about the season before.

  • Stephen A.

  • As a point, Karate definitely hasn't deserved.

  • Got the criticism that, you know, comes with being a superstar of your team, calling shots on your team and not coming through.

  • So that's why I'm looking for a bounce back season for quiet mpg.

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This is what puts the rial owners on Kawhi Leonard, in my estimation, that I really want to hear what you think about this Matt.

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