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  • addiction, squalor and misery under this bridge in the west of Kabul.

  • Lives left broken by drugs for years.

  • Heroin use has been a major problem here, but now many are turning to a new, cheaper fix.

  • Crystal meth.

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  • Afghanistan already produces the vast majority of the world's heroin made using these poppies.

  • Now it's emerging as a major producer of crystal meth, another dangerously addictive illegal drug.

  • The boom has been fueled by the discovery that this common Afghan plant can be used to make the key ingredient effort.

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  • Poor Afghans in rural communities can produce it and makeshift labs like this one before sending it on to be refined into meth.

  • So this is a classic ephedrine lab.

  • Using satellite images, a team of researchers has been tracking the growth of the F Adrian labs.

  • They found more than 300 in one district alone, the realization that you could produce methamphetamine from a wild crop in the mountains.

  • This a federal crop has been a fundamental game changer.

  • You've gone from the use of imported over the counter medicines at a high cost to being able to use a low price commodity that is growing in its abundance on simple chemistry.

  • In the past, the U.

  • S has carried out air strikes on suspected drugs labs.

  • The Taliban are believed to charge them taxes, but the labs air so easy to rebuild the campaign soon stopped meth with suspected links to Afghanistan has been discovered as far away as Australia.

  • Here, a seizure with a street value of more than $50 million dissolved in mineral water bottles.

  • What we are saying and what we are monitoring is an increasing methamphetamine coming from Afghanistan and the surrounding countries around there on the forensic analysis you've done on the meth.

  • Does it suggest that it was produced using this?

  • A federal plant?

  • Eso All the profiling results that we have received from the seizures indicates to us the starting product is the effort of plan, obviously for that for us that yield critical information.

  • Meth from Afghanistan may be exported around the world, but it's causing misery back here, too.

  • Continuing instability means the amount produced on the number of lives ruined is likely to rise.

addiction, squalor and misery under this bridge in the west of Kabul.

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Afghanistan is 'becoming a significant producer' of Crystal Meth - BBC News

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