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There's a social stigma attached to chewing gum.
But is there any truth behind it?
An art installation featuring identical twins with just one difference
Which one seems like he has more friends?
Which one has more imaginary friends?
Which one gets invited to more parties?
Which one gets invited to more bridge tournaments?
Which one is the bad cop?
Which of these bosses would give you a raise?
Which one would fire you when you ask for a raise?
Which one has a better sex life?
Which one never puts money into the employee gift pool?
Which one really enjoys giving you a ticket?
Thank you.
481 people participated in the experiment.
73% favored those twins who chewed gum.
They aren’t identical. The one chewing gum gives a better impression.
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Identical Twins "Beldent Chewing Gum" Experiment

91651 Folder Collection
Rosa published on March 10, 2018    Rosa translated
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