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  • well.

  • The lock down in England will end next week on.

  • Then there'll be a return to the three regional tears off restrictions.

  • The details will come on Thursday, but there's already a warning that Mawr areas will find themselves in that highest tier.

  • Prime minister said that in all areas of England, the rule of six returns after six people will be able to meet outdoors, and all shops and gym swimming pools and hairdressers will be able to reopen in tears.

  • One and two pubs and restaurants will be open, but I have to shut by 11 p.m. But in tier three, all hospitality will remain closed except for take aways on deliveries.

  • Our political editor, Laura Ginsburg, has more details.

  • What will we wake up to next Wednesday in England?

  • At least, how we have to live with the virus will change again.

  • After four weeks of closed doors, tight limits on our lives will loosen once more.

  • But Justus, the prime minister, is still stuck inside.

  • Some restrictions will stay, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as he explained to the Commons from inside number 10, the national restrictions in England, will end on the second off December on, they will not be renewed.

  • Without sensible precautions, we would risk the virus escalating into a winter or new year surge.

  • The incidence of the disease is, alas, still widespread in many areas.

  • So we're not going toe replace national measures with a free for all uniformed instructions that closed pubs and so many farms will disappear, replaced by a stricter tier system where the disease is at its most dangerous.

  • The rules will be drawn tighter, but the map of who and where is not yet final.

  • This will be still a hard winter.

  • Christmas cannot be normal.

  • There's a long road to spring, but we have turned a corner on.

  • The escape route is in sight.

  • Labor's consistently back the government's big decisions on coronavirus.

  • But will they this time around, too early to say, the prime minister proposes a return to the three tier system.

  • That's risky because the previous three tier system didn't work.

  • Tier one areas drifted to Tier two.

  • Almost all tier two areas ended up in Tier three and those in Tier three couldn't see a way out, and we ended up in national lock down.

  • The tier system hasn't always been easy to explain.

  • I think we're just going to have to stop for a moment to economic check.

  • Boris Johnson was struggling to make it hard when his I t misfired this afternoon.

  • It's no our then prime minister.

  • It could well be yours.

  • I wonder if Mr Hancock would like to take over with the answer thing is far from sudden freedom disease still very much here.

  • Swail in Kent is now the second worst hit area in the country on businesses aren't sure how people will react.

  • I think a lot of people would be a bit more cautious on, but it might just stop a few people going places and doing things like they usually would or being a little bit more careful.

  • Louise Grove, who had the virus, is calling for caution.

  • Having recovered from it, he knocks you off your feet.

  • I don't want a lot longer locked down, but I think we're gonna have to have a longer locked down.

  • I think we're gonna have to be a little bit strict up.

  • It's not yet clear how much of England will be under close controls.

  • Whales has recently lifted another lock down northern Ireland's about to tighten its rules, and Scotland is under five different categories.

  • So no surprise.

  • While all foreign nations are trying to work out a common plan for Christmas, it's not straightforward.

  • I'm afraid the voters won't take Christmas off, so we're trying as hard as we can to reach a sensible balance.

  • So it is possible likely, in fact, that some households may be able to form slightly larger bubbles with each other for a short period over Christmas.

  • That caution echoed tonight, even by the consummate optimist, the prime minister talking to the country.

  • This is not the moment to let the virus rip for the sake of Christmas parties.

  • It is the season to be jolly.

  • But it is also the season to be jolly careful, especially with elderly relatives.

  • Yet the virus the pandemic has already taken so much change, if not a certain end, is now in sight on Dhere, a trio of three important things to hold in your heads tonight.

  • First of all, we do not know exactly what the map of this new tier system is going to look like.

  • The question on many people's minds will of course, be how are the rules going to affect me.

  • But it's not until Thursday that the government in Westminster will actually say which parts of England are going to be in which category.

  • So we're gonna have to be patient until we know that.

  • And I think that will also shape the extent of the political pushback to this new system that there may or may not be.

  • Both Tory MPs on the main opposition have been a bit qualified in some of the support that they may or may not give to this new system.

  • Second of all, if you're watching in Scotland tonight, you know that there are five tears.

  • They're not three in Northern Ireland.

  • They're about to tighten up their restrictions again on in Wales.

  • It's not long since they've exited their short, sharp locked down, so there's still a real patchwork across the four different countries off the United Kingdom on.

  • That's why.

  • Lastly, I'm afraid we can say to people tonight exactly what things are going to look like when it comes to those holidays at Christmas that so many people want to be able to look forward to.

  • The four different administrations have been talking about this intensively today.

  • They're trying to figure out a way forward on.

  • I think it's pretty clear that some deal off some sort will be done.

  • But there are lots of considerations about transport, lots of considerations about how many households should be allowed to get together.

  • So it's possible, but not definite, that there will be a final blueprint for that tomorrow.

  • But apart from anything else, you whatever decisions that politicians actually make all of the progress of this, whatever happens in the next few weeks in the next few months is still dependent on that one huge factor.

  • How we all respond to rules and regulations as they change around us in the time to come.

  • Laura.

  • Many thanks once again, Laura Ginsburg there for us.


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England lockdown to end but with strict new rules for more areas - BBC News

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