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  • have an update on Joe Burrows Condition.

  • Yeah, and our Adam Schefter and Ben Baby or ESPN Nation.

  • Bengals reporter has just reported that Joe Berle's knee was more significant than maybe first believed That was yes, a tornado cl, but also Tauron, M.

  • C.

  • L and other structural damage.

  • And the significance of that is he can't go.

  • He won't be going into surgery right away for the A C l Injury Thebe protocol for this and you can talk to any orthopedic doctor does.

  • These is You gotta wait to get the swelling down, see if the other injuries need surgery on, then go to the A C l when everything is calm down.

  • So Joe Burrow is looking at a pretty lengthy timeline.

  • I would put it in the range of of a year based off talking to a guy like James Andrews, that noted orthopedist, who was who has warned me repeatedly to and asked me to make a public service announcement.

  • Everybody out there thes air, not nine month injuries, especially when you get this extensive.

  • They're more like 12 month injuries, so we'll wait and see what Zach Taylor, the Bengals coach, has to say sometime later today.

  • Yeah, this is just awful when I mean, obviously I'm a fan.

  • You know, not just someone who covers the game and analyzes what Joe Burrow does, but for what he did to my school for my school and tow.

  • Watch him play early on this season.

  • How he's galvanized that locker room, how he's become a leader for that team.

  • It's just sad to see you hate when a really good young player goes down.

  • But also, if you're the Cincinnati Bengals, think about you've seen this before.

  • You had Carson Palmer.

  • You had things going in the way that you would have liked your in the wild card playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers Steelers, and he gets an A C L injury as well.

  • So what you hope is that Joe Burrow fights back, that his body heals up in the way that it needs to and that you could continue to build around this very good young quarterback that you got it right with you.

  • Drafted Joe Burrow number one overall, and he had the physical tools, but also the intangibles.

  • To be a leader of your organization and you just wish him well, and you hope he heals up in a good way.

  • Yeah, this is just brutal.

  • I mean, listen, we like our c said it best man.

  • We're all fans of the game is, well, right way get to live our dream and talk about the game.

  • But the reality is, man, we played this game for a long time.

  • We understand the physical toll that takes on people's bodies.

  • And for a guy who is in, um, you know, such pique and physical condition and the way he was playing as a young player and and all the energy and excitement he brings to the Cincinnati Bengals and their fan base man, it's like a breath of fresh air, right?

  • And so for everybody in the league, man, I mean, when you when you want parody in the game right you want wherever you go as a free agent, you may be a bingle one day, so you want them to be legitimate and have players in the locker room that excite you.

  • And this is what this guy had done, and it's going to continue to do.

  • But it's just a devastating injury.

  • So early in his career you feel for him because the guy is doing it all right, man, and just the attitude that he carries in the locker room and outside of it, uh, you know, we're praying for him lifting him up, man, just our hearts are broken for him.

  • It's It's just, uh we understand the link the time we wish him the the speediest recovery in the best surgeries, but just just a brutal injury for such a young guy.

  • There's no question, and Bengals head coach Zach Taylor is addressing the media as we speak and has said just moments ago, according to our Ben Baby, that he expects Joe Burrow to be ready for the 2021 season.

  • That is the hope that is the EC expectation, of course, more.

  • But as you just mentioned, we've got a long way to go on.

  • At this point, you just hope there's no setbacks as he moves forward.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

have an update on Joe Burrows Condition.

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